201. Dining with Candlelight

candlelightThis particular event is important to me…it was basically the reason I decided to do this blog! This time last year, I was down in Armory Square with a few friends and we noticed Walton St. was closed… the closer we got the cooler this particular event looked.

There were tables scattered throughout the street, a live band, lots of people — friends, couples, first dates, neighbors gathering… it was really something quite amazing. But, I had never heard about it, and I didn’t know what it was… I thought it was a rally of some sort or something. It was then that I realized that Syracuse needed a blog like 365 Things Syracuse that would tell us what the heck that event really is!

I eventually learned it was an event called the Candlelight Series…and this year, the first one is tonight!

PS_74823_Candlelight series poster.indd

Tables and chairs are set up right in front of The MOST, Starbucks, Freedom of Espresso (that general area).

There are 3 specific weekends for the Candlelight Series…(and how they’re into the 29th annual & this is just my 2nd year of knowing it just goes to show how little informed I used to be!)  The 3 specific weekends for the Candlelight Series are July 20th, August 10th and August 17th. With live music performed by local musicians. This is 100% worth checking out.

This is FREE too..which is even better. There will be lots of tables set up, go with some friends, reserve a spot and enjoy the warm summer night with some candlelight and live music!

Tip: The events will move indoors to Benjamin’s if it rains!

location: Corner of West Jefferson and West Franklin Streets

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