Welcome to 365 Things to do in Syracuse, NY!

As someone who has spent the majority of their life in Syracuse (with the exception of a few years spent being a gypsy throughout the country), I’ve returned to find the potential and hidden gems this city has to offer.

Syracuse is full of hidden gems, which even as someone who grew up here I wasn’t entirely sold on until I finally decided to seek them out myself.

A few years back when I lived in Austin, Texas I religiously followed a blog that outlined 365 Things to do in Austin.  It was a genius idea. It gave someone who was new to town (me!) a general guide of where to grab a bite to eat, where to get a beer, where to watch the game, and so much more.  It also gave locals another perspective on a potential place to go from someone who was passionate about their beloved city.

When I moved back to Syracuse it dawned on me that Syracuse needs a website just like that, for students, newbies, locals and whoever might be popping in and wants to find the best hotdog, best burrito or whatever their heart desires.  Which is why I’ve decided to take it on myself to explore 365 of the best things Syracuse has to offer.

As a 20-something in this city, I want to highlight all of the great things that keep people here while discovering on my own why I came back after years of living in other places. So here is to a year, 365 days (some longer than others), of things to do in the greater Syracuse area.

What I do on this blog is meant to be an outline and guide for those looking for something to do, each review is my own, each experience is different.  The only thing I am an expert on is Clam Chowder (always taking suggestions for the best place to go).

So buckle up, as we start the adventure of 365 things to do in Syracuse, NY.

Contact me! syracuse365@gmail.com



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