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354. Salt City Billiards

Whenever I go to a bar, my friends and I migrate towards 1 or 2 things… 1) darts 2) pool.


I think it’s fun to play darts, even if I am quite possibly the worst at it… and I think it’s also fun to play pool too.

It’s something different!

Whenever anyone asks me “what can I do in Sryacuse tonight?” I always feel sort of put on the spot… “Haven’t you looked at 365 Things lately? There’s tons of stuff to do!” I tell them. And yet, they’re still asking me for those “date night specials” or “happy hours” or “best Reubens”

So lets try something new, shall we?

Salt City Billiards is in North Syracuse, has tons of pool tables and is fun to go and try something new. Mix it up a little!

They’ve got pool leagues, open play, tournaments…you name it, they got it! AND…it might be the cheapest place for a beer in CNY…$2.50 for bud lights?! I’m there!

Tip: Thursday nights they’ve got open pool play from 6-10 for $5!

Location: 3707 Brewerton Road

339. Syracuse University Basketball Game

How could we forget?!

If you’re from the area there’s a good chance you own something orange. There’s a good chance you’ve talked about Jim Boeheim.  There’s a likely chance you’ve had a conversation with someone about Carmello Anthony.

Going to see a Syracuse Basketball game here in Syracuse is an experience unlike any other.  The dome becomes a mecca for fans to worship their team.  Syracuse Basketball is a lifestyle here.

Carrier Dome basketball

With it being the first year in the ACC Syracuse has quite the matchup this season, they’ll be hosting teams like UNC, NC State and everyone’s anticipated favorite; Duke.

This Saturday they play Binghamton, and in the following weeks their schedule is quite the show. I strongly suggest if you haven’t had a chance yet, to buy tickets to a Syracuse Basketball game and check it out for yourself!

Tip: Check out Chucks for a pre-game drink!

location: Carrier Dome, Syracuse University

280. Lafayette Apple Run

I apologize if we’re on apple overload, but really…we’ve got to embrace this!

The Lafayette Apple Run is an outdoor 5k or 15k (depending on your level of fitness!) held during the Apple Fest (more on that later!)


It is Sunday October 13th in the scenic Tully Valley. It’s going to be really beautiful to run a 5 or 15k on a brisk fall day with the leaves all burning colors and the scent of apples in the air!

Tip: Sign up for the race here. Registration is $25 w/o a tshirt


272. Dodgeball League

When it comes to competition in Syracuse, the young professionals in this town take it to a whole ‘nother level.

The competition is fierce in this town, and for good reason! We’ve got a lot to look forward to if we win!


Dodgeball is one of those games where you’re either really good at it or you’re really bad at it…and if you think you’re going to be awful, you’re more than likely a superstar and you just don’t even know it yet.

Dodgeball here in Syracuse is a serious art, and all are welcome to play! It’s co-ed & you’re allowed 6 players on the court at once. The league runs for a total of 11 weeks. Sign up here to play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

It’s $300 per team with a total max of 10 players. Regular season play starts Oct 8th so sign up before it’s too late!

Tip: You must have at least 1 female on your team!

Location: Past TImes Athletic Club

270. Cosmic Bowling

I don’t go bowling often, but when I do I always have a really great time! Whenever you’re thinking, “Oh, there’s nothing to do in this town!” don’t forget the fun stuff like bowling!


Each Friday and Saturday Night, Flamingo Bowl in Liverpool offers Cosmic Bowling. From 10:30-2am the regular bowling alley lights dim and the blacklights shine…they play current music and it’s a heck of a good time!

For $16 you get unlimited bowling and free shoes!

And for the 21+ crowd, there are 2 for 1 drink specials at the Bar Friday nights during Cosmic Bowling!

Tip: Reservations are recommended but not required.

location: Flamingo Bowl 7239 Oswego Road Liverpool NY

269. Syracuse University Football Game

We’ve already featured the Ernie Davis statue, which is awesome! Now, there’s no excuse not to go to any football games!

SU joining the ACC this year has brought some heavy competition to their schedule and this weekend is no different! Syracuse takes on Clemson at the Dome Saturday October 5th at 1pm.

If you’re new to Syracuse or if you’re a native of Syracuse…it’s time to crack out the orange tshirts and head to the dome! It’s also homecoming!! Which means extra school spirit!


Tip: Buy your tickets here or here!

location: Syracuse University Carrier Dome

268. Run or Dye

Remember that Color Me Rad run a few months back? (Has it been that long!??!?)

There’s a Run or Dye coming to Syracuse! October 5th at 9am at OCC!


Get a chance to run and get covered in bright colors! It might be the last chance of the year to have some fun outside before snow comes!! UGH!

They’ve also partnered with Make-a-Wish foundation, which is another great philanthropy that is near and dear to my heart.

It’s $55 per person, or $50 per person if you have a team (4 or more people). Grab some friends and register here! A lot of people always have so many questions about these runs, like if they’re timed, if they’re super competitive, if they’re going to be permanently dyed neon pink! If you’ve got some questions, click here for some answers.

Tip: If you’re not interested in running, they’re always looking for volunteers!

location: Onondaga Community College

261. Move Your Body Spa Event

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the importance of maintaining some sort of exercise in order to stay sane throughout the dark season…which, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones…winter is coming.

This event is perfect for our conversation.

Move your body

Sponsored by a bunch of different groups in Syracuse, the Move Your Body Spa Event is a day of movin’, groovin’ and fun! There will even be raffles and fun prizes to win! This full day event is going to be so much fun!

It’s $20 in advance and $25 at the door. You’ll have an entire day of activities.

There will be zumba, dance, yoga, yoga dance, power yoga, spa services…

This seriously sounds like such a good time! If you’re in town this weekend, September 21st hit it up!! It starts at 2pm. Kickstart your anti-hibernation mode by attending Move Your Body!

Tip: Proceeds go towards the National Kidney Foundation of CNY!
Buy your advance tickets at Pulse Fitness (Tammy) or Dance Manlius (Laura, Felipe).

location: Pulse Fitness Studio 713 West Fayette Street

257. Ernie Davis Statue

Remember back at the beginning of the year, we focused on the Shot Clock?

Syracuse is steeped in tradition. There’s so much happening all over that we sometimes forget that the very history of this city is centered around the fact that we’ve had so many inspiring people to grace us with their presence.

One of those people is football legend, Ernie Davis.

Speed Star 1.1470399  00There is a statue of him on the Syracuse campus right by the Dome, and it’s pretty awesome! Not many college campuses pay such tribute to their athletes in a way that will forever be remembered. It’s really quite fascinating.

Not to mention, today is game day…and what better way to celebrate our beloved Orangemen than to take a walk down memory lane!

If you’re ever on the campus, whether it is to visit a game, attend a mass, or just check out the really awesome looking old buildings, make sure you stop by the statue and reflect on how truly great our city is!

Tip: Did you know they made a movie about Ernie Davis?!

Location: Syracuse University

256. Ski and Board Sale

It’s that time of year, people! songmountain

Anyone who skis in the upstate region will be at the Fairgrounds this weekend buying themselves some really nice new ski/snowboard equipment!

It’s annual. It’s here…and we’re ready for it!

Gathering at the fairgrounds, all the major ski and snowboard resorts, shops and more will be selling their goods at a discounted price. I remember when I was in ski club in high school, we’d buy all of our gear a few months early, at an incredibly affordable price!

It’s all weekend long, so don’t miss out!

Friday (September 13) from 5-9pm
Saturday (September 14) 10am-5pm
Sunday (September 15) 12pm-5pm

Tip: Once the gear is gone, it’s gone…get there early for the best deals!

location: New York State Fair, horticulture building