202. Renaissance Festival

I’m sure you all knew this one was coming…

I love the Renaissance Festival..and even though it’s all the way out in Sterling (about 45 minutes outside of Syracuse).

The Renaissance Festival is for everyone. You like food? They’ve got great food. You like comedy? They’ve got great comedy. You like riding elephants?! They’ve got that too! Everything you can imagine…transport yourself into a time of no technology (but don’t forget to instagram a few photos while you’re there). Enjoy some brews, some muddy scenery and most importantly the costumes!


I’m a huge fan, and you can bet I’ll be going.

It runs all summer from July 6-Aug 18th rain or shine.

Admission is about $26 per adult and $16 for children.

Tip: Really feel like getting in the spirit? You can rent costumes while you’re there!

location 15385 Farden Rd Sterling, NY 13156

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