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120. Aerial Yoga

On a girls trip to Charleston last year, my friends and I decided to take an Aerial Yoga class. However, because my fine Irish skin had seen sunlight, I was seriously sunburned and couldn’t participate…it was literally too painful.

Ever since then I’ve wanted to desperately try this fun activity that my friends still talk about! This past summer I tried a trapeze class, but it just wasn’t the same.


When I finally heard that Lotus Life was (the only place in Syracuse) offering Aerial Yoga I knew I had to try it out…immediately.

Guys…go to this…try this out…  Here is the schedule, find a class and sign up…it’s worth it! They suggest going to a few classes because the first class is going to hurt, but after that you’re going to learn new things about how strong you are and your capabilities, which I always think is cool.


This is not the traditional yoga. It’s not deep breathing and meditation on a mat, it is the art and sport of trusting yourself and pulling the strength straight from your core to balance. The postures on the “silks” or “hammocks,” as they’re referred to, look very fancy. I was afraid the hammock was not going to hold up…like, what if it fell!? Luckily, I learned that it’s pretty impossible for them to break/fall and If you trust yourself and your strength you can do it. Trust me. I was literally hanging upside was so awesome.


My biggest fear when taking this class was that I was going to look like a fool…I was afraid that everyone in the class would be just as experienced if not more than the Instructor and I’d be the one needing all the help. That fear immediately went out the window when the class started. There were about 6 people in the class, but there can be up to 10 and during the week it’s a little busier than the weekends.

The students were super friendly, the instructor was awesome and helpful and I never once felt foolish. In fact, after the class, I wanted to give each of the students and the teacher a giant hug…that’s how fun this was!

Tip: Lotus Life offers a special to new students, $45 for 1 month unlimited which includes Aerial Yoga & the other yoga classes at that studio.

location: 4467 East Genesee St. DeWitt, NY 13214



119. Karaoke At The Taste

Remember when I talked about Karaoke at Woodys? Well, I’ve recently discovered that Karaoke is a huge sport here in Syracuse…it’s performed almost nightly at various locations around town and it’s quite the hit.


The Taste is a new restaurant that is open downtown, sort of near Hanover Square. I remember driving by this standalone building when it was Shell & Bone and wanting/wishing for it to be open so I could check it out…but it never did, and soon it became The Taste.


It’s run by a local family, and it’s starting to make a name for itself with it’s Karaoke on Wednesday Nights. Starting at around 6pm until midnight, there’s a chance for you to display your singing skills…who knows, maybe you’re the next Kelly Clarkson!

Tip: Follow The Taste on facebook for more info on specials and weeknight activities.

location: 318 East Fayette Street

118. Chittenango Falls

Spring has sprung, y’all! It’s time to get out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Today’s forecast is slated to be in the 70s. If you are staying inside you’re crazy!


The overabundance of state parks, hiking trails and outdoor activities in this area is what makes Syracuse so special!

Chittenango Falls is one of those natural beauties. The 167 ft water fall is breathtaking, it’s absolutely amazing. You’ve got a variety of choices of trails to venture out on and there’s plenty of things to do out there.

You can also reserve pavilions for those outdoor picnics or parties you’d be interested in throwing. Here are rates for rentals. Chittenango Falls accepts the empire pass I talked about with Clark Reservation. Cars are $3 to park on a weekday & $5 on the weekend.

Tip: Pets are welcome to join as long as you keep them leashed up!


117. Asti Caffe

Every once in a while it’s nice to have some delicious and authentic Italian Food. If you’re interested in having some authentic, delicious, made-with-love Italian food, you need to go to Asti’s asap.


With things on the menu like, Lobster Pasta and homemade Lasagna, you’re going to need to be rolled out to your car at the end of your meal. My roommate recently went there, and after having a delicious and wonderful dining experience brought home some leftover Lobster Risotto…it.was.divine.

Tip: Call for Reservations, it gets pretty busy on the weekends.

location: 411 North Salina Street

116. Firkin Fest

Beer, Beer & More Beer… that’s what’s on tap for this weekend!

With snow gone, and sunshine in the forecast  it’s time to celebrate, and what better than with some real ale.

J Ryan’s is hosting their annual Real Ale Festival, from Friday-Sunday. What they do is they line up all the casks of beer (which is where firkin comes from…) around the bar and you can sample them. Sounds easy enough, right?


They’ll have beers from breweries like Three Heads, Founders, Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, Ithaca, Middle Ages, and more…so much more.

For $30 you can purchase a one day pass or pay $3 per sample. My suggestion?  Go to this! This is a great thing to do in Syracuse! J Ryan’s is a great bar…it’s got a completely different crowd from all the other downtown bars, their staff is super friendly and their food is SO good.

Tip: Follow them on facebook to learn more about what to expect the day of the event!

location: 253 East Water Street

115. Rocky Horror Picture Show

If there’s one thing I know about The Rocky Horror Picture Show it’s that the cult-like followers of this film are diehards. I’m talking, dressing-up-singing along-shouting-at-the-screen diehard Rocky Horror lovers.


Each year, theaters throughout America (Canada & The UK…and elsewhere) screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and fans from all over come dressed up in odd garb, and bring things to throw at the screen…it’s kind of interesting how a movie has such a unique effect on people.

Friday night at The Palace Theater, The Rocky Horror Picture Show will play. Starting at 8pm, they will have a cocktail & trivia hour(s) with the show starting at 10pm.

Tip: Props & Costumes welcome!

Must be 17 to enter.

location: Palace Theater 2384 James Streeet

114. Ballroom Dance Lessons


Remember a few weeks ago when I featured Salsa Dancing? Did anyone try that out? It’s fun!

When it comes to dancing, I’ve got 2 left’s embarrassing. But, I do love watching people dance…whether it’s ballroom dancing, hip hop, salsa…whatever it is, I’m a great spectator.

Ballroom Dancing always reminds me of the movie Shall We Dance? It’s a guilty pleasure…I find that movie entertaining and hysterical. Starting today and running through May 29th, every Wednesday, are Ballroom Dance lessons at Subcat Studios. From 7:30-8:30, learn the basics of the Cha-cha, mambo, rumba, and East Coast Swing, taught by some of the best in the business.

Tip: Registration is $75 for the 6 weeks or $15 for a drop-in class. Call (315) 256-0601 for more info!

location: Subcat Studios 2nd floor Rehearsal Room. 219 S. West St