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359. IMAX Theater

Merry Christmas, Syracuse!

I’ll keep this brief.

I really wanted to do something today that people can actually do…but since it’s Christmas, everywhere is closed!

Obviously the bar might open later on, but what about AFTER dinner?

Well, my family loves to go see movies…

With the new mall expansion, came an IMAX theater that is state of the art awesome!

So, why not go check out a movie today!

Tip: Show times are here.

location: DestiNY


353. World of Beer

Has anyone been to DestiNY lately? A) Parking is not as bad as I thought (kudos to you, parking lot people…) B) There’s a whole bunch of fun happening there.

Just this week, World of Beer had their grand opening…and I’ve already been there twice!

WOBWho woulda thought… But this is why…

They’ve got Fort Collins Brewery there…and there’s live music..and really great pub fare…it’s quickly going to become the #1 hot spot in Syracuse…so that’s cool.

While I love my traditional bars, like Kitty Hoynes, Als, Colemans, Blue Tusk and the like, WOB sure has a lot to offer! Like…there’s A LOT of beer there… on tap, in bottles…there’s just beer everywhere.

world-of-beerMy friends have been participating in the “Mall Beer Crawl” …I think that’s the unofficial name. It’s where you go taste drinks from each bar/restaurant in the mall… and as the mall expands, the Mall Beer Crawl keeps getting longer and longer… and World of Beer is somewhere that will quickly be added to the official list, because it’s awesome.

Tip: It’s general seating, just gotta look out for an open table and grab it before someone else does! The place will always be busy.

location: Destiny

346. Jingle Mingle

If you’re anything like me, you usually start looking for christmas presents for your friends and family around Halloween but you don’t actually buy anything until the week before the actual holiday.

It’s called procrastination…

Despite this, it’s time to get moving on shopping this year.  Tonight it the perfect time to start, too!


All throughout downtown Syracuse, local shops have paired with local restaurants.  The stores will be open from 4-8pm and while you’re shopping you’ll be able to taste some really great local dishes!

Tip: Here is a list of all the stores and their paired restaurants!

location: Armory Square

344. Syracuse Pepper Market

Everyone is always coming to me, “What should I get my brother for christmas? “What should I get my sister-in-law for Christmas?” It may be because I’m always browsing the blogs or pinterest but I’ve usually got a great vault of ideas and options waiting for when someone comes at me with the “I need to spend $50 or less on someone who likes ___________.”

Next time someone asks me I’ll promptly say, “Check out the Pepper Market.”


The Pepper Market is the sister event to the Salt Market (which, sadly, I missed in October.)

What is it? Well… it’s kind of a real life Etsy. Etsy is great, it’s a really popular spot to get Christmas gifts…however, since 99.9% of the things sold on Etsy are handmade, you typically need to get your Christmas orders in somewhere around last Friday….

With the Pepper Market, the vendors are out of control crazy talented and artsy and amazing and you’re bound to find something really fun and funky there for your “friend who has everything but just started a blog…”

The Pepper Market takes place this Saturday December 14th from 10am-4pm. I hope to see you there!

Tip: It’s all $30 or under!

location: On the corner of E. Onondaga and S. Warren Street

333. Wine and Chocolate Festival

Two of my favorite things on earth, aside from Tim Riggins and online shopping are Wine and Chocolate.


I was just thinking this morning how I never used to be a sweets person, but now I can’t get enough of chocolate. ….or wine.

Thankfully, tomorrow at the fairgrounds they’ve got both! The CNY Wine and Chocolate Festival combines two loves and makes them one. It’s Friday November 29th from 3-9pm.

Honestly, and this goes to all men and women out there… what better way to spend your black friday? Tasting wines, eating chocolate & treats and shopping among the booths set up.

It’s hosted by Alex & Ani, which I’m pretty sure is the biggest thing to hit Syracuse since Ugg boots.

Tip: Tickets are $20 & can be purchased here or at Wegmans

location: NYS Fairgrounds

258. Westcott Cultural Fair

I’m a huge fan of exploring new cultures. From food, to art to fashion I love it all!

So imagine my excitement when I learned about the Westcott Cultural Fair. You can guarantee I’ll be there!


There will be food, music, art. There’s a parade, there’s a book sale…it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and explore the community! It’ll be so much fun, I literally can not wait!

It’s this Sunday, September 15th (today!) from 12-6:30. Head that way, you won’t be disappointed!

Tip: They will be closing Westcott St. for this event, so if you’re planning on heading that way know some alternative routes!

location: Westcott street, in between Concord Street and Dell Street, as well as some of the side streets off Westcott.

251. Dave and Busters

Who says adults can’t have fun?

No one. That’s who!


Dave and Busters has come to DestiNY and it’s so much fun! Has anyone gone yet? It’s relatively new…and it’s completely different.

There’s a little kid in all of us and that little kid loves arcade games!

Dave and Busters is a great place to watch all those NFL games…Go Bills! (yes, i just went there!). They’ve even got specials on game day. 22oz Bud Light Drafts for $3?! Sign me up!

Here’s my suggestion, last year I went downtown to try to watch some NFL games and a lot of the bars were closed on Sunday. Which, I don’t know what the heck was going on. The best spots to watch the games are not in Armory Square, and it’s my intention to find some really awesome spots with a lot of TVs to make sure you stay up-to-the-minute with your fantasy team!

They’ve got a cool happy hour special too!

Tip: Visit their website and get a coupon for a $10 game play

location: DestiNY