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365. First Night CNY

This is a bitter sweet moment for me. As this is my last post for 2013 and for 365 Things Syracuse, I want to thank all of the supporters and friends I have had throughout this process, It’s been quite the ride.

I’m not going to lie, this blog has become a mixed bag of emotions for me. Some days, it felt as if this year would never end, there were moments of weakness when I wanted to throw in the towel. But, then I’d received a thank you email or a new like on Facebook and I’d remember why I even started this blog.

I had so much fun participating in events that I otherwise would have never gotten the chance to be a part of. It’s been a rewarding experience, and I will look back on 2013 as a very pivotal year. So, thank you for that!

Now…moving on.


I don’t know any better way to kick off the new year than to spend it listening to HANSON.

YES, you heard me right!! Girls in your mid to late 20s, stop’s true!!! The first boy band of our time, the Mmmmbops of mmmmbops are coming to Syracuse and they’re performing for us ON NEW YEARS EVE!!!

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME THIS SOONER?!” Well, it’s probably because a) there was SO much to do in December and b) I quite literally saved the best for last!


This event is for people of all ages, there will be laser tag, crafts, a dance party and the evening will end with Hanson performing their classic hits. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

Okay, but seriously…this event is probably one of the best ones put on all year. The parking is in the village of Liverpool…you just have to show up between 7pm-Midnight & if you stop into Dunkin Donuts…YOU GET A FREE DRINK!

I hope you find this in time, cancel all your plans and head to the Parkway this evening…because that is where I will be.

Tip: IT’S FREE!!

Location: Onondaga Lake Parkway

363. 40 Below-out NYE Party

When I went to the Landmark to watch White Christmas I was in awe of it’s grandiose interior. It’s like a time machine. It’s one of my favorite places in Syracuse.


When I heard about this party I thought to myself, what better way to spend NYE with friends than in the most remarkable building in town!

40 Below is pretty sweet, it’s a group of passionate and dedicated locals interested in revitalizing and highlighting Syracuse as a great place.

This party has a lot to offer too!

Tickets range from $160 to $110 dollars (which, I know might seem like a lot…but there’s a good chance you’d spend that while bar hopping…) for 5 hours of open bar, live music, prizes, and more! You can purchase them here.

If you’re not feeling celebrating the end of a wonderful year, reconsider. This is going to be one fun party!

Tip: Don’t drink and drive people! If you buy a ticket to the 40 below party, you can get $100 off select rooms at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel.


353. World of Beer

Has anyone been to DestiNY lately? A) Parking is not as bad as I thought (kudos to you, parking lot people…) B) There’s a whole bunch of fun happening there.

Just this week, World of Beer had their grand opening…and I’ve already been there twice!

WOBWho woulda thought… But this is why…

They’ve got Fort Collins Brewery there…and there’s live music..and really great pub fare…it’s quickly going to become the #1 hot spot in Syracuse…so that’s cool.

While I love my traditional bars, like Kitty Hoynes, Als, Colemans, Blue Tusk and the like, WOB sure has a lot to offer! Like…there’s A LOT of beer there… on tap, in bottles…there’s just beer everywhere.

world-of-beerMy friends have been participating in the “Mall Beer Crawl” …I think that’s the unofficial name. It’s where you go taste drinks from each bar/restaurant in the mall… and as the mall expands, the Mall Beer Crawl keeps getting longer and longer… and World of Beer is somewhere that will quickly be added to the official list, because it’s awesome.

Tip: It’s general seating, just gotta look out for an open table and grab it before someone else does! The place will always be busy.

location: Destiny

351. Open Mic at Elbow Room

For the past 17 days we’ve heard Christmas Music on the radio, on repeat, every day, morning noon & night…. and while I do love a great Amy Grant tune, I don’t know if I can handle it much longer.

Which is why, I’m advocating for everyone to head on over to the Elbow Room tonight to watch Open Mic Night.

open mic

I want to hear something better than some little kid who saw Santa kissing his mother!

It starts at 7:30 and goes until 11pm, every Tuesday at The Elbow Room.

Tip: This is free!

location: Elbow Room

341. Holiday Happenings

It’s that time of year, and when you’re not frequenting the Dickens Christmas or Lights on the Lake head to Armory Square for the Holiday Happenings.

Throughout the month of December, there will be carolers walking around Armory Square and live performances at some establishments downtown.


This is just to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

December 7th, 12th, 14th and 21st during the afternoons from 1-5pm there will all be outdoor and indoor performances and it’s free to observe!

Tip: Check out the Armory Square website for more details

location: Armory Square

312. Singers Karaoke

I know we’ve featured karaoke at the taste before, but I don’t think we focus enough on highlighting our natural ability to hold a tune!

Singers is the place.


Singers is strictly karaoke (and booze, so 21+ only, please!). You can go any night of the week and there will be someone behind the mic belting out Mariah Carey or my personal favorite, Destiny’s Child.

Every night of the week they’ve got a different party.

Tip: Looking for karaoke at your own party? They are mobile!

location: 1345 Milton Ave

287. Zombie Crawl

Getting dressed up as a zombie transforms you from a normal looking human being to just the complete opposite.

I remember seeing all these scary looking zombie’s walking around my neighborhood last year and being completely confused…but now I know why!

They were doing the zombie crawl.

zombie crawl

It is this Saturday, October 19th starting at 7:30.

Dress up like a zombie and head to all of the bars in that area, Rosies, Blarney Stone, Colemans…you name it. People get REALLY into this!

Tip: Starts at Blarney Stone (that bar is cash only, FYI!)

281. Apple Fest

It’s here!

Okay, I get it…you’re sick of hearing me talk about apples & fall & being outside…but really…I’m doing this for your own good!


The Apple Fest is one of the biggest in the area, and it’s so great! Get a chance to buy some awesome apple foods, taste the best of the best apple ciders, partake in some apple games and buy awesome crafts! There’s so much going on at the apple fest you’ll forget winter is coming!

It is this weekend, October 12 & 13th from 9-5pm! I guarantee if you go you will thank me later. AND if you’re feeling really crazy, don’t forget to sign up for the Apple Run!

There’s free parking, free entertainment and the cost of admission is only $5!

Tip: The Apple Fest coordinators have taken the hard part out of my job, they’ve compiled a list of tips for the Apple Fest here!


270. Cosmic Bowling

I don’t go bowling often, but when I do I always have a really great time! Whenever you’re thinking, “Oh, there’s nothing to do in this town!” don’t forget the fun stuff like bowling!


Each Friday and Saturday Night, Flamingo Bowl in Liverpool offers Cosmic Bowling. From 10:30-2am the regular bowling alley lights dim and the blacklights shine…they play current music and it’s a heck of a good time!

For $16 you get unlimited bowling and free shoes!

And for the 21+ crowd, there are 2 for 1 drink specials at the Bar Friday nights during Cosmic Bowling!

Tip: Reservations are recommended but not required.

location: Flamingo Bowl 7239 Oswego Road Liverpool NY

266. Barn Dances

When I lived in Colorado, many people would ask where I was from. I’d reply simply, “New York.” and they’d automatically assume I was referring to the city. “Oh my! How is living in New York City?!” they’d ask. I’d shake my head and calmly reply, “There’s more to New York than just the city, you know!”

There’s a stigma surrounding upstate New York…we’re all cow tippin’ farmers….or so they think…but this city, as you can tell from the past 265 days, has a lot more to offer than just field parties and farming. However, there’s still a bit of country in us up here…

In Colorado, on tuesday nights we would go to a place called The Sundance. People would be line dancing, and I’d watch in awe…”How on earth are they doing that?! How do they know all the moves?!” There’s a really cool line dancing event that happens every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month in an actual BARN!


There is line and/or partner dance lessons from 6-9pm! How cool is that! Get to know all of the steps, so the next time someone asks you if you’re a cow tippin’ country lovin farmer you can show them whats up!

$10 gets you in the door for a really fun dance party on a sunday night! I have a feeling that I’ll be frequenting this more often than not!

Tip: There’s also an open dance for those interested in participating or watching two-step, east coast swing, the waltz cha, and night club.

location: 6456 Collamer Road, East Syracuse