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360. Noexcuses Tours

When I first started this blog, I was approached by an individual who wanted to help me in whatever way he could.  He had mentioned he was trying to start his own company here in Syracuse, which offered distinctive tours in three distinctive locations throughout the city.

Immediately, I thought it was a brilliant plan. How great to get to know Syracuse from someone who is passionate about this place!

As time went on, he included 365 Things Syracuse on his blog, featuring something to do every Tuesday.  It was not only great exposure, but it was also a reminder that I was doing the right thing with 365 Things Syracuse. It was and still is, an honor to have a little link on his blog!

He has finally started to put the finishing touches on the tours, and just launched a new website, which is awesome because now I can feature him on this blog before it’s too late! (5 days…people!)

noexcusesI went on a sort of “mock tour” this summer as part of a test-group and loved every second of it. We went to all the hot spots in Armory Square, we got to taste some AMAZING scallops at BC, delicious irish liqueur shots at Kitty Hoynes and even a sample of Empire Brews…we learned about the history of the buildings and walked the streets of Armory Square learning about the family and relationships the restaurants, bars and stores have created.

Afterwards, I immediately told all of my friends that when these tours launch they HAVE to go on one!

The tours range from $40-85 dollars, and they’re well worth it! You have to sign up

Tip: Like NOexcuses on facebook to learn about fun happenings in Syracuse!

Location: Armory Square, Hawley-Green or Tipp Hill

346. Jingle Mingle

If you’re anything like me, you usually start looking for christmas presents for your friends and family around Halloween but you don’t actually buy anything until the week before the actual holiday.

It’s called procrastination…

Despite this, it’s time to get moving on shopping this year.  Tonight it the perfect time to start, too!


All throughout downtown Syracuse, local shops have paired with local restaurants.  The stores will be open from 4-8pm and while you’re shopping you’ll be able to taste some really great local dishes!

Tip: Here is a list of all the stores and their paired restaurants!

location: Armory Square

341. Holiday Happenings

It’s that time of year, and when you’re not frequenting the Dickens Christmas or Lights on the Lake head to Armory Square for the Holiday Happenings.

Throughout the month of December, there will be carolers walking around Armory Square and live performances at some establishments downtown.


This is just to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

December 7th, 12th, 14th and 21st during the afternoons from 1-5pm there will all be outdoor and indoor performances and it’s free to observe!

Tip: Check out the Armory Square website for more details

location: Armory Square

337. The Polar Express

Every year around this time, the Polar Express comes to town at the MOST.

Watching the Polar Express on the IMAX is an entirely new experience. It’s loud, it’s exciting and most importantly the tradition is somewhat amazing.


The show runs from Friday November 29th to Jan 5th, so you’ve got some time to hit The MOST.

The shows play Wednesday through Sunday and will also be showing on Monday December 23rd & 30th and Christmas Eve and New Years eve!

Tip:  Saturday December 7th is the Polar Express Pajama Party

Location: The MOST

302. Small Plates

When I heard PJs was closing I must admit, I was a little sad. So many memories from a downtown Syracuse St. Patrick’s day happened there.

However, with that space they converted it into a one of a kind restaurant. Something that we don’t really see around these parts…and I’m glad it’s here!


Small Plates is one of those restaurants where if you go you should go hungry. The menu has so much to offer. From mac & four cheese gratin (!!!) to pan seared scallops it has it all!

They even have amazing drinks! A kiss yo mama, will knock your socks off!

Tip: Reservations are strongly recommended


252. Roji Tea Lounge

Did you know there’s a tea lounge in Syracuse?

I seriously learn something new about this city each and every day.


The Roji tea lounge combines the east and the west with this laid back comfortable lounge. It’s great for getting out of the hustle and bustle of everyday craziness and relaxing with an exotic drink and small plate.

It’s located right downtown too, so if you’re looking for a real city feel, this is the place to go!

They even have events throughout the week like live music, art, etc.. It’s great!

Tip: Check out their facebook page for more information on events and specials!

location: 108 E Washington Street

232. Sakanaya & Namu All You Can Eat Sushi

This is not a joke.

All you can eat sushi.

Sakanaya and Namu have the best deal in town on Wednesdays.

sushiSakanaya and Namu are connected, but two very very different dining experiences. Namu is quiet and comfortable with warm ambiance whereas Sakanya is trendy and you can pick your sushi right from a conveyor belt! It’s actually kinda cool!

They’ve got A LOT to choose from, so definitely come hungry!

For $25 per person you get all the sushi you can possibly eat. It goes on all day, from open (11am) to close (10pm).

Does it honestly get any better than that? I think not. Oh yeah, mondays they have 1/2 price sushi and on Thursdays…they also have 1/2 price drinks!

Tip: Check out their facebook page!

location: Sakanaya & Namu 215 Walton Street

231. Trivia at Al’s

I think it’s pretty obvious that the trivia scene around Syracuse is poppin.

I kid you not, there are at least 3 different trivia’s going on every night of the week from Dewitt to Phoenix. On any given Monday night you can find me at Kitty Hoynes trivia, on any Tuesday over at Coleman’s. They are each wildly different in style, crowd and difficulty…which is why I love it so much! And like I tell my friends, you can never have enough trivia!

alstriviaI heard about Al’s trivia through an email from a reader. I LOVE getting suggestions on things to do around here…I know I’m not the fanatical expert on stuff in Syracuse, and hearing other peoples ideas is really awesome. #1 surprising thing about this blog so far, (and yet at the same time not so surprising) finding 231 things to do in this city hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be.

So imagine my surprise when I was introduced to another trivia! This trivia starts at 8:30 Monday nights at Al’s. Also one of the coolest spots in all of Syracuse, that is a fact. It’s sort of similar to Kitty Hoynes where they pass out questions, you’ve got time to ponder with your team, you hand them back in…there are 4 rounds and a bonus round.

Tip: Team sign up starts at 8:15

location: 321 S. Clinton Street

201. Dining with Candlelight

candlelightThis particular event is important to me…it was basically the reason I decided to do this blog! This time last year, I was down in Armory Square with a few friends and we noticed Walton St. was closed… the closer we got the cooler this particular event looked.

There were tables scattered throughout the street, a live band, lots of people — friends, couples, first dates, neighbors gathering… it was really something quite amazing. But, I had never heard about it, and I didn’t know what it was… I thought it was a rally of some sort or something. It was then that I realized that Syracuse needed a blog like 365 Things Syracuse that would tell us what the heck that event really is!

I eventually learned it was an event called the Candlelight Series…and this year, the first one is tonight!

PS_74823_Candlelight series poster.indd

Tables and chairs are set up right in front of The MOST, Starbucks, Freedom of Espresso (that general area).

There are 3 specific weekends for the Candlelight Series…(and how they’re into the 29th annual & this is just my 2nd year of knowing it just goes to show how little informed I used to be!)  The 3 specific weekends for the Candlelight Series are July 20th, August 10th and August 17th. With live music performed by local musicians. This is 100% worth checking out.

This is FREE too..which is even better. There will be lots of tables set up, go with some friends, reserve a spot and enjoy the warm summer night with some candlelight and live music!

Tip: The events will move indoors to Benjamin’s if it rains!

location: Corner of West Jefferson and West Franklin Streets

182. PB & J’s Lunchbox

This week I am dedicating the entire week (with the exception of July 4th) to Mobile Eateries around Syracuse.

It’s a new series called

mobile eats weekToday I will be featuring one of my favorites, and a mainstay for lunch in Armory Square.

PB & J’s Lunchbox.

Mobile Eateries were/are huge in Austin…there were several open lots throughout the city that would have dozens of mobile food trucks parked for everyone to enjoy. They had everything you could imagine…it was awesome. It was a quick way to enjoy gourmet food.

PB & J’s is exactly that…quick, cheap and great!

I stopped there for lunch last week and was pleased with my hotdog & chips…exactly what I was craving on a hot summer day! They’re located right outside The MOST across from The Jefferson Clinton Hotel.


They’ve got a great menu, ranging from grilled PB & J (yum!) to hotdog & burgers. They even have a 2 meal deal – 2 hotdogs & a water for $5…can’t beat that!

One of the great things about mobile food trucks is they can sprout up just about anywhere…which is why it’s strongly recommended you follow their facebook or twitter accounts to learn about their next stop! It’s really the most genius thing ever.

Tip: They accept credit cards!

Location: The East Side of THE MOST and across the street from The JEfferson Clinton Hotel in Armory Square