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342. Dee’s Diner

Another sunday another diner..


Dee’s Diner is out in Mattydale and a complete hidden gem.

When it comes to breakfast foods it’s hard to go wrong & Dee’s diner is exactly that!

They’ve got the traditional diner menu, and they’re decently priced.

Tip: Cash only!

Location: 1900 Brewerton Road

321. Julie’s Diner

Sunday. Brunch.

Yes, please!

I recently saw Julie’s Diner out in North Syracuse and knew that it was somewhere I needed to try.


This is definitely one of those places that you’ve got to try on a sunday morning with friends and family.

It’s quaint and has a lot of options on the menu.

Tip: Check out their facebook page for more information

Location: 3800 Brewerton Road North Syracuse

259. Strong Hearts Cafe

This suggestion comes by way of a reader, who sent me the nicest email giving praise and thanks for 365 Things Syracuse. It was so incredibly comforting to know that I’ve got some really awesome followers to my blog!

Strong Hearts Cafe is awesome.


Hands down, there’s no other way to describe this place.

The ambiance is awesome, the food is awesome, the choices are awesome, it’s just plain awesome.

And did I mention it’s completely vegan? Yep, that’s right! Here in our small city we’ve got a fully vegan cafe, and it serves food to die for!

The about page on their website says it all, No plastic products, no styrofoam, no meat, no dairy, and all comes from local sources. Thats the true definition of local food, and that’s what I love about it so much!

Their menu also has some really awesome treats on it, like ….pizza! A Vegan pizza! I’d love to try one of those! I tried the Tofu Scramble for breakfast and you would have never known the difference. Whether you’ve never tried vegan food or you have, this place is seriously somewhere to check out! They’re open late, mostly between midnight & 1am during the week. This makes it a perfect place to study or read a book well into the evening.

Tip: Follow them on facebook for specials and awesome up to the minute events!

location: 719 E Genesee Street

219. Canal Splash!

Upstate, NY has incredibly fascinating history. There’s so much to learn about how important our little corner of the State is. We can recognize this by looking around!

One of the coolest things that I think we take for granted up here is the fact that The Erie Canal ran right through our little city! Seriously, how cool is that.

Clinton Square and Erie Canal, Syracuse, N.Y.

Where we have all of our festivals now in Clinton Square is where boats used to come through! We literally party on the Erie Canal these days!

So imagine my excitement when I learned about the Canal Splash August 9th from 9am-6pm. Canal Splash is a guided cruise along the Canal Systems in Upstate NY from Syracuse to Seneca Falls. It leaves from one of my favorite locks (yes, I have a favorite), Lock 24 in Baldwinsville and will cruise down to Cross Lake, then on towards the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, and finish at the double locks in Seneca Falls.  How is that for living history!?

You even get to ride on the famous Emita II, which is a double decker ferry tour’s really something!

emitaiiTickets for this event are a bit pricey, they’re $110 for nonmembers and $99 for members…however, included is a continental breakfast and lunch buffet, afternoon snack…so basically, lots of food! You will also return to Syracuse by vehicle and that transportation is provided. Sidenote: A portion of your ticket price is tax deductible.

Tip: Space is limited, purchase your ticket here

location: Dutchman’s Landing, 7415 Hillside Rd., Baldwinsville, NY, 13027

218. Borios

Nestled on the shores of Oneida Lake sits a mainstay in the Syracuse area. While, it’s not downtown…if you’ve mentioned it people always know what it is.

Whether you’ve been to Borios for dinner, brunch a holiday or a wedding you’re taken away by the scenery every time you go there. It’s perfect in the summertime, it’s got the lake right off the deck and you can go enjoy some sun and good company.


Their food is delicious too! Their dinner menu hits all the stops from salads to seafood. Sometimes with the addition of live music it’s the perfect place to go to on a warm summer night…check out their calendar for the events throughout the month.

I personally enjoy Borios, not just because of their clam chowder, but because it’s really great to escape the hustle and bustle of dining in Downtown Syracuse…it’s one of the few places around here I’ll drive 20 minutes to…the views alone are worth the trip! Not to mention, in my quest to find the best patio Borio’s ranks top 3!

borios patio

Tip: Check out their Brunch from 10:30-2 every Sunday

199. Gordon Biersch Eggs & Kegs

When I lived in Fort Collins, the morning of the big Brew Fest we’d hold a party.

It was titled; Kegs & Eggs… how original right? We would supply the keg, you had to bring your own eggs…we even had a friend (an aspiring chef!) who made everyone their own eggs…it was awesome.

eggs and kegs

When I heard that the morning after the Empire Brewfest, Gordon Biersch is holding an eggs & kegs party I almost cried from excitement!

For $36.95 you get breakfast & unlimited beer from 11am-1pm at Gordon Biersch. The breakfast alone is something that will attract tons of people… Banana Walnut French Toast & eggs of course …talk about delicious!

Tip: Tickets are limited…buy them here!

location: Gordon Biersch, DestiNY USA

174. Mother’s Cupboard

When it comes to the small ‘mom & pop’ diners, I feel like we’ve got the best selection. My friends who have never been to Syracuse are always asking about all these diners. “What do you mean you guys eat at diners?? I thought that was just in the movies.” No, no…this is real life.

Mothers Cupboard comes in on our list of brunches towards the top. Although I feel like they’re all basically tied for the top spots. But, this spot is unique. It is so small, so definitively hometown and so creatively Syracuse. So much so that they were on an episode of Man vs. Food


It’s small. There’s only about 3 seats, but that helps enhance the dining experience. You will not be disappointed by the meal, they’re all about the food at Mothers.

If its one of those mornings where you need a hot cup of coffee, some eggs and hash browns or if you wanted one of the best pancakes you’ve ever had…check out mothers cupboard. Hours are 6:30am-1:30pm daily…they’re strictly breakfast & lunch.

Tip: this place gets packed, especially on the weekends. Go early before the wait gets too long!

Location: 3709 James Street

132. Canal Walk Cafe

It’s another Sunday, another opportunity to get a delicious brunch.


Canal Walk Cafe is one of my favorite little hidden treasures. If you’re in the mood for a drive, it’s located on the Seneca River right in the heart of Baldwinsville. Across from the Locke, the Island, all the good stuff. My friends and I love going to Canal Walk when the weather is nice, it’s full of locals and regulars. The tables are not traditional diner style, they’re all different sizes shapes and colors. The mugs are all mismatched, the plates, the seat you’ll be sitting in. I love it. I love that style, it makes dining out feel like less of a revolving door business and more like a homemade experience.

When the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the patio and enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends. Inside,there are pictures all over the walls, the decor makes you feel like you’re right at home.

Dining at Canal Walk reminds me of enjoying a meal at a friend’s house. They give you homemade coffee, the staff is friendly, the food is mouthwatering goodness. Options like Baked French Toast or Appleoat Pancakes…uh, yum! I strongly suggest if you’re planning on taking a little drive, to check it out. It’s open from 7am-1pm on the weekends and from 7-2pm throughout the week.

Their menu is simple, it’s not full of 1000 choices, it’s got the staples and they’ve got their specials. This is definitely one of my favorite places to frequent, especially during the summer months.

Tip: Like them on facebook to learn more about specials and offerings!

location: 23 Syracuse Street, Baldwinsville NY


111. Lofo Brunch

I recently learned of some really cool things happening in and around syracuse. There’s so much going on, and it’s so exciting. I keep telling all of my friends that its on the upswing, syracuse is the place to be.



Last year at this time I was frequenting Om Boys, but that has since closed and in its space is a quaint & really awesome new restaurant called Lofo.

Lofo could be considered a combination of a few words, “local food” or “love food,” but no matter what you say, the food is great and it does not disappoint.

Lofo Brunch is unique in the fact that it is one of the only places in Armory Square that does brunch on the weekends. Their menu on Sunday is strictly brunch food from open to close, 11-3pm.

Inside, it’s cozy with mismatching chairs, couches, dark walls, and awesome local artwork. Their menu has tons of options, from pancakes to waffles to green smoothies. Lofo Brunch is worth checking out. They even use as much local foods as they can in the Support Local initiative.

Tip: check out their Facebook page for info on specials for Brunchm!

97. Nesticos Too

This weekend has been a whirlwind, and one of my favorite things to do to settle into the work week is to grab brunch. Obviously.

Nesticos Too is the perfect spot to gather with friends after a long weekend of fun. It’s got a great (and diverse) menu with everything from Stuffed French Toast to my favorite eggs and toast.  You can make omelete’s to satisfy your every need and accompany it with a hot steaming cup of fresh java. Their menu literally has everything.

Sunday morning’s it is always busy, with the after church crowd, the hungover crowd, the family crowd…you name it. If you have the patience, I suggest you wait for a table, it will be so worth it. They have literally won contests for the best breakfast in town.


Tip: Follow them on facebook to learn more about weekend specials!

location: 4105 West Genesee Street

hours: Sunday 7am – 3pm
Monday 6:30-3pm
Tue – Sat 6:30 -8pm