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362. Varsity

It’s game day in Syracuse and we’re also celebrating a Bowl Game victory last night!

Something that is a tradition on the hill when there’s a home game is to stop by Varsity Pizza and grab a slice of the best pizza in town.

Varsity has been around for a long time.  The facade says it all. Inside, it looks like history frozen in time. And on game days, the line will stretch out the door with people waiting to get a slice of this famous pie.


Not only that, but they’ve got a menu of mouth watering fare, including my favorite rueben and fries….FOR $5.99. Can’t be beat people.

Tip: If the line looks long, don’t worry. It moves fast, those guys behind the counter know what they’re doing!

location: 802 S Crouse Ave

361. King David’s

I’m frequently around Marshall Street…being a grad student at SU has me near and on the campus basically every day of the week, which means that I’ve had Chiptole and Pita Pit and Jimmy Johns more times than I can count…

However, now I have added King David’s into the rotation and I’ve never been happier.


King David’s is as authentic as it can get…with specializing in middle eastern food, they’ve got a menu full of falafel and gyros and dinner plates that make your head spin.

Literally everything I’ve had from there is delicious! If you’re ever on Marshall Street, or Fayetteville (they’ve got a 2nd restaurant in the Fayetteville Town Square) stop in…forgo the loaded burrito at Chipotle or the lightening fast speed at Jimmy Johns.

Tip: The humous is the best in Syracuse…in my opinion


360. Noexcuses Tours

When I first started this blog, I was approached by an individual who wanted to help me in whatever way he could.  He had mentioned he was trying to start his own company here in Syracuse, which offered distinctive tours in three distinctive locations throughout the city.

Immediately, I thought it was a brilliant plan. How great to get to know Syracuse from someone who is passionate about this place!

As time went on, he included 365 Things Syracuse on his blog, featuring something to do every Tuesday.  It was not only great exposure, but it was also a reminder that I was doing the right thing with 365 Things Syracuse. It was and still is, an honor to have a little link on his blog!

He has finally started to put the finishing touches on the tours, and just launched a new website, which is awesome because now I can feature him on this blog before it’s too late! (5 days…people!)

noexcusesI went on a sort of “mock tour” this summer as part of a test-group and loved every second of it. We went to all the hot spots in Armory Square, we got to taste some AMAZING scallops at BC, delicious irish liqueur shots at Kitty Hoynes and even a sample of Empire Brews…we learned about the history of the buildings and walked the streets of Armory Square learning about the family and relationships the restaurants, bars and stores have created.

Afterwards, I immediately told all of my friends that when these tours launch they HAVE to go on one!

The tours range from $40-85 dollars, and they’re well worth it! You have to sign up

Tip: Like NOexcuses on facebook to learn about fun happenings in Syracuse!

Location: Armory Square, Hawley-Green or Tipp Hill

356. Beer Tasting at Beer Belly Deli

Guys…I just wanted to point out…we’re officially in single digits until the end of the year. Wow, time sure does fly…

Back during the summertime, I was introduced to Beer Belly Deli as a place I HAD to try out!


Well, this weekend you have to go…man, you’re really going to get some good use out of your ugly christmas sweater this weekend…

Why? Because there is a winter beer takeover on the taps AND you get $1 off if you’re wearing your ugly christmas sweater! Today until 3pm…Again…adults hanging out in hideous sweaters…it’s so funny!

Alongside the christmas tap takeover…BBD has some fantastic food…their sandwiches are SO GOOD!! Make sure you try it out!

Tip: Like them on facebook for more information!

location: 510 Westcott Street

350. Danzers

Only 15 days left in 2013… time really has flown by.

I feel a little guilty for counting down until 2014. You never really want to wish time away.

Danzer's Restaurant. Dick Blume / The Post-StandardI work over by Danzers…it’s sort of hidden off Brighton Ave…have you ever been there? It’s pretty good German food…and in this area, where are the people saying “I wish i could have some spaetzle!” I don’t hear it often..but when I do I tell them to go to Danzers.

Their menu is chalk full of authentic German/American food, including what I’ve heard is quite possibly the best Reuben in all of CNY…if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Danzers is open daily at 11am, just in time for the lunch crowd…and don’t worry about it’s location. It’s squeezed between some factory buildings and there’s always a semi-truck or two in the parking lot…2 very important factors in determining whether something is a must-go-to gem or not.

Tip: If you’re not a fan of the Reuben, try the hot turkey sandwich!

Location: 153 Ainsley Dr, Syracuse, NY 13210

346. Jingle Mingle

If you’re anything like me, you usually start looking for christmas presents for your friends and family around Halloween but you don’t actually buy anything until the week before the actual holiday.

It’s called procrastination…

Despite this, it’s time to get moving on shopping this year.  Tonight it the perfect time to start, too!


All throughout downtown Syracuse, local shops have paired with local restaurants.  The stores will be open from 4-8pm and while you’re shopping you’ll be able to taste some really great local dishes!

Tip: Here is a list of all the stores and their paired restaurants!

location: Armory Square

336. Syracuse Cinephile Society

There’s a lot to be said for CNY’s arts scene.  Throughout this year we’ve recognized the surge in jazz music, the excitement over film and theater and everything in between.  It’s awesome to live in a city that embraces the local talents, both young & old.


The Syracuse Cinephile Society highlights everything that is great about film.  Their history is rich with tradition and pride. They’ve had their fair share of remarkable events around this fine city.

If you’re into vintage motion pictures or film in general, you should check out their Monday Night series…unfortunately, today (12/2/13) is the last day of the fall season, however they’ll be back with Cinefest in 2014.

Their monday night movie selection is really awesome & they’ve been playing vintage flicks since September. Tonight’s film is sun valley serenade at 7:30, go check it out!

Tip: Head to the dinner before hand at 6:15 at The Spaghetti Warehouse!

location: Spaghetti Warehouse

328. Picasso’s Pastries

It’s sunday morning…and all you want is something sweet. Something from a cute little bakery…something…..pastry. Picasso’s Pastries


They’ve got breads, muffins, cookies, cream puffs, cheese rolls, cinnamon buns, donuts and more! Oh my!!!

With it being right before the holidays, this is your 1 stop shop for something to bring over to your relatives house for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Check out their facebook page for daily specials, hours, and more!

Tip: Try their lemon basil cookies…they’re delicious!

location: 466 Westcott Street, Syracuse NY

326. Cuisine for the Cure


Susan G Komen has some great events that go on in this community.  The proceeds go to benefit the CNY Susan G Komen affiliates.

This month & next month there is a program hosted by the CNY Susan G Komen called Cuisine for a cure.

It’s a bit expensive, but I truly believe it’s worth it.

It goes something like this;

There will be 4 participating restaurants in and around Syracuse. They’ll offer exclusive dinners to the participants.

The first dinner was November 3rd at The Brewster Inn

and the remaining dinners are November 24th at Rosalie’s in Skaneateles, December 1st at Kyoto in Fayetteville and Joelle’s French Bistro in Skaneateles on December 15th.

The tickets are $125 each, and all proceeds go towards the CNY Susan G Komen.

Tip: Buy tickets as early as you can, these events fill up fast! Call Jessica Bell at 315-472-6162


325. Bleu Monkey Cafe

On a recent trip to Marshall Street, a friend and I decided that we were going to try Bleu Monkey Cafe.

I had no idea what the restaurant was about, for some reason I thought it only served paninis?

Well, I was wrong.


I walked out stuffed to the brim in the best sushi I’ve had in a long time.

My typical go-to sushi restaurant is Namu. But Bleu Monkey serves the freshest sushi I’ve ever eaten here in Syracuse.  There’s a wide variety of choices, the menu is easy to read, it’s #1 in my book!

Also, they’ve got these really interesting noodle bowls that everyone around us was ordering.  I think it might be their claim to fame. If we had room we were going to order one, but we were stuffed with the two rolls we both ordered.

My favorite kind of restaurant is the no-frills kind, and that’s exactly what Bleu Monkey is!

Tip: They deliver & you can order online!