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356. Beer Tasting at Beer Belly Deli

Guys…I just wanted to point out…we’re officially in single digits until the end of the year. Wow, time sure does fly…

Back during the summertime, I was introduced to Beer Belly Deli as a place I HAD to try out!


Well, this weekend you have to go…man, you’re really going to get some good use out of your ugly christmas sweater this weekend…

Why? Because there is a winter beer takeover on the taps AND you get $1 off if you’re wearing your ugly christmas sweater! Today until 3pm…Again…adults hanging out in hideous sweaters…it’s so funny!

Alongside the christmas tap takeover…BBD has some fantastic food…their sandwiches are SO GOOD!! Make sure you try it out!

Tip: Like them on facebook for more information!

location: 510 Westcott Street

354. Salt City Billiards

Whenever I go to a bar, my friends and I migrate towards 1 or 2 things… 1) darts 2) pool.


I think it’s fun to play darts, even if I am quite possibly the worst at it… and I think it’s also fun to play pool too.

It’s something different!

Whenever anyone asks me “what can I do in Sryacuse tonight?” I always feel sort of put on the spot… “Haven’t you looked at 365 Things lately? There’s tons of stuff to do!” I tell them. And yet, they’re still asking me for those “date night specials” or “happy hours” or “best Reubens”

So lets try something new, shall we?

Salt City Billiards is in North Syracuse, has tons of pool tables and is fun to go and try something new. Mix it up a little!

They’ve got pool leagues, open play, tournaments…you name it, they got it! AND…it might be the cheapest place for a beer in CNY…$2.50 for bud lights?! I’m there!

Tip: Thursday nights they’ve got open pool play from 6-10 for $5!

Location: 3707 Brewerton Road

353. World of Beer

Has anyone been to DestiNY lately? A) Parking is not as bad as I thought (kudos to you, parking lot people…) B) There’s a whole bunch of fun happening there.

Just this week, World of Beer had their grand opening…and I’ve already been there twice!

WOBWho woulda thought… But this is why…

They’ve got Fort Collins Brewery there…and there’s live music..and really great pub fare…it’s quickly going to become the #1 hot spot in Syracuse…so that’s cool.

While I love my traditional bars, like Kitty Hoynes, Als, Colemans, Blue Tusk and the like, WOB sure has a lot to offer! Like…there’s A LOT of beer there… on tap, in bottles…there’s just beer everywhere.

world-of-beerMy friends have been participating in the “Mall Beer Crawl” …I think that’s the unofficial name. It’s where you go taste drinks from each bar/restaurant in the mall… and as the mall expands, the Mall Beer Crawl keeps getting longer and longer… and World of Beer is somewhere that will quickly be added to the official list, because it’s awesome.

Tip: It’s general seating, just gotta look out for an open table and grab it before someone else does! The place will always be busy.

location: Destiny

351. Open Mic at Elbow Room

For the past 17 days we’ve heard Christmas Music on the radio, on repeat, every day, morning noon & night…. and while I do love a great Amy Grant tune, I don’t know if I can handle it much longer.

Which is why, I’m advocating for everyone to head on over to the Elbow Room tonight to watch Open Mic Night.

open mic

I want to hear something better than some little kid who saw Santa kissing his mother!

It starts at 7:30 and goes until 11pm, every Tuesday at The Elbow Room.

Tip: This is free!

location: Elbow Room

319. Beer tasting at Green Hills

I guess now is the best time to talk about a little gem down there in the valley.

Syracuse Beer Week

Green Hills is one of those tiny grocery stores that has stuck around despite the Wegmans takeover of Syracuse (& I loveeee Wegmans!). A lot of people have heard about it, yet a lot of people have not.

One of my favorite things about Green Hills is that they were selling Fort Collins Brewery a few months back! I made a point to stop in and stock up!

They’ve also got an INTENSE hot food items menu…I’ve heard their turkey lunch is out of this world.

So with all that, they’ve got a beer tasting this afternoon! How awesome is that? Grocery shopping & drinking beer…now that’s my kinda day!

From 5pm-7pm tonight at Green Hills there will be a Southern Tier Sampling. If you’re not familiar with Southern Tier they’ve got some really great flavors, I especially like the pumpking when they’ve got it!

Tip: Must be 21+ to participate, obviously.

location: Green Hills 5933 South Salina St

317. East v. West Coast IPA Challenge

As a person who turned 21 in Colorado, I have a strong love for a great IPA from New Belgium. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s a great taste!

Syracuse Beer WeekThis week is beer week, as you may already know. And tonight they’ve got some fun beer activities going on.

Something that I’m definitely making a point to check out will be the East vs. West Coast IPA Challenge.

It takes place at one of my favorite spots in all of Syracuse, Kitty Hoynes.

They’ll have 18 beers on tap ranging from from Colorado to New York to California.

Tip: Tastings last all day

location: Kitty Hoynes

316. Revolutions

We’re really on the map, people.

Revolutions is a cool adult bar/restaurant. Their menu is out of this world!

Check out their facebook page for more details & specials!

There’s a small arcade in the front but in the back there’s 2 bars, bowling and pool. It’s definitely a fun place to meet up with your friends on a weekend night and improve that bowling game!!

revolutionsTip: Bowling during the week is $3.75 a game. Weekends are crazy, last Saturday it was a 2 hour wait for a lane!

location: Destiny

277. Flame

Just the other day I was driving down E Fayette Street and stumbled upon Flame.

Instantly I was reminded of Austin.

it’s hip, modern, awesome!


They’ve got a variety menu full of different choice pizzas, salads, soups, and tapas.

There’s an indoor fire pit! It’s so cool! This place is romantic enough for a date night, but also modern enough for a girls night out! It suits everyone’s needs. It truly is a really cool spot!

Tip: They now serve brunch!

location: 713 E Fayette Street


230. Funny Bone

Everyone loves a really great laugh…I don’t think anyone has ever said, “I really just hate laughter.” If they do…they’re very strange & should seek medical help.

funny bone

I love going to comedy clubs. And, we’ve got a lot of talented comedians in this city so there’s a lot of options for us!

Funny Bone Comedy Club is exactly what you’d think it is. It’s hilarious, it’s a great time, it’s entertaining! You can get dinner at the mall somewhere and then pop on over to Funny Bone for a show on a Friday night!

Their event calendar is packed with hilarious shows, from female comedians to comedy showcases…they’ve got something for everyone. If I were to go on a date with someone, I’d want them to take me to a comedy club…it’s perfect. No awkwardness (unless you’re getting mad fun of), and you really get to tell if the person taking you out has a similar sense of humor. Tickets can be purchased here for all shows.

Tip: Food and drinks are available before and during every show.

Location: DestiNY

221. Anyela’s Vineyard

Last week I featured Blue Water Grill in Skaneateles, which prompted me to continue exploring what Skaneateles has to offer…which, surprisingly, is a lot. There’s tons to do up there, and it’s a nice little 25 minute jaunt from Syracuse…so why not feature some more cool things to do?

As we all know, I enjoy wine. Sometimes the best way to taste wine and really get a feel for the vino is to go straight to the source. This past weekend, I hit up some Hudson Valley wineries, they were really interesting and it was really neat to learn about what to pair with what…now when I walk into a liquor store I don’t feel so confused…I mean, I’m still confused but just not as much.

AnyelasAnyela’s Vineyards are right in our backyard, so why wouldn’t we explore them? There’s something unique about Anyela’s that I learned the other day and that was when the cold hits — which, is probably in about 70 days or so… they remove the vines and bury them to protect them…something about enriching the grapes…something about making their wines taste delicious…you’ll have to go check it out for yourself!

They’re open every day from 12-5 for tastings and tours, where you’ll learn really interesting factoids about wine, their wine, and what food to pair it with. Tastings are 5 for $3…which makes this one of my favorite things to do… it’s so cheap, you learn something cool and you can make a day out of it. They even have really cool events like Live Music! Check their event page for more information.

Tip: Interested in skipping the vineyard and going straight for the bottle? Nestico’s has bottles of Anyela’s wine!

location: 2433 West Lake Road Skaneateles, NY 13152