263. Tipp Hill Music Fest

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Tipp Hill…I love the proximity to dowtown, the zoo, the restaurants, the houses, I love it all…

and there’s always some really awesome events going on! Remember way back when, the winter warmer beer fest? Tipp Hill Brew Fest? Thursday Night Block parties?!

If only every neighborhood were as jam packed full of fun as Tipp Hill…

tipphillmusicfestThis weekend there’s another event happening in the Tipp Hill neighborhood and it’s a combination of music, the last remaining days of nice weather (maybe….) and community.

They’ll have live performances on Saturday, September 21 starting at noon and going until 7pm! That’s an entire day full of live music! It will be taking place at the Burnet Park Ice Rink (due to weather reports).

Tip: Don’t let pending weather reports deter you, bring a chair or a blanket and come join in on the festivity!

location: Burnet Park Ice Rink Pavilion

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