138. Coleman’s Block Party Kickoff


One of my very favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the Coleman’s Block Parties…and they’re free to attend (drinks will be for sale.)

They’re a lot of fun. People (21+, obviously) from all over town usually head to Coleman’s between 6’ish-2am on Thursday’s and they hang out in the Coleman’s Pavilion, listen to live music, drink some beers, dance around, mingle, etc… You can grab your drinks inside or outside, they’ve got a variety under the pavilion, too! Just make sure you’ve got cash on you!

This goes on every Thursday throughout the summer.

You can expect quite the crowd on Tipp Hill tonight…not to mention, all of the college students have gone home for the summer, so the huge 21 year old crowds die down and they begin to attract the mid-20’ish crowd.

Tonight they’ll have live music from Coleman’s favorites, Mere Mortals from 6-10pm & also The Boatmen from 10-1:30am.

Tip: Parking is hard to find on Tipp Hill these nights, beware of the parking rules, Odd & even day’s alternate sides.

location: Coleman’s Pavilion

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