31. Bangkok

Bangkok Thai Restaurant is one of those hidden gems in Syracuse.


It’s actually located in Liverpool, on Route 57 in the same plaza as Pascales, so if you’re never out that way you’d probably never know it existed…but let me tell you something, get in your car right now…and go there.

This is my favorite Thai Restaurant in Syracuse…without a doubt.

I will rave & rave & rave about the food, customer service and the prices. Because they’re all pretty stellar.

The portions are huge. A plate of Pad Thai could cover both dinner & leftovers for lunch the next day just for $10!

Bangkok is family run, and if you’re lucky the chef will come out to greet you after your meal.

They’re open Monday-Saturday from 11-2:30pm for lunch and 5-9pm for dinner. They also do take-out!

Tip: Try the fried ice cream!

Follow them on twitter for specials and promotions!


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