32. CNY Brewers Festival

Here’s what I’ve learned about Syracuse so far… we love our Jazz, we deal with the snow, and we live for a good brew.

This weekend at the NYS Fairgrounds is the 17th annual CNY Brewers Festival. There will be over 50 (50!!) different breweries featuring their craft brews for tasting. You’ll be able to compare IPA’s, Hops, Amber Ales…you name it!


When going to school in Fort Collins, I was seriously spoiled with some amazing breweries right there in the town, craft breweries like New Belgium, Odell’s & Fort Collins Brewery were everywhere. Brew tours were a favorite past-time for us seasoned-undergrads.

Living in Austin it was very much the same, 512 has some great brews…which is why I am yet to be disappointed when it comes to Syracuse & their craft brewery culture. In the downtown area alone we’ve got Empire Brewing, Syracuse Suds and just a short walk from Armory Square is Middle Ages brewery. It makes me feel like a kid again…

Some brewers will be familiar, like Middle Ages, Lake Placid, Suds, Saranac and some will be new like New Planet (from Colorado!), and Founders. So, regardless of what you’re comfortable with or if you’re willing to go out and try some new brews, this event is for you.

Tickets are $30 advanced sale, $35 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: Middle Ages Brewing Co.,  The Blue Tusk , Empire Brewing,  Syracuse Suds Factory, Pooch’s Bar (Solvay), Brilbeck’s Corner Market  & Party Source.

Tip: The brewfest runs in 2 sessions, 1-4pm & 6-9pm.

more info here

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