190. Finger Lakes Wine Festival

finger lakes wine festWe’re lucky up here in Syracuse (and the surrounding areas)…there’s a lot of really great people who have done a lot of really unique things to make sure we’re having fun, staying busy and most importantly drinking our beverages.

We’ve discovered so many different types of activities and festivals that include beer and wine, from smaller beer festivals, to breweries to larger beer festivals there’s something for everyone!

I’m really excited for the Finger Lakes Wine Festival. With over 90 wineries, live music, food and lots more, you’re given the chance to try some really great vino for just $35 for one day or $45 for 2 days. Buy them before the event…the price goes up at the door. A lot of the time I really consider cost of attendance to these beer and wine festivals, and so far the FLWF is really the best bang for your buck. There’s so many special events and things to do with tastings, to eating, to classes and mingling among friends that the $35 goes a very long way.

This weekend, July 14-16th, You can take some (free!) food cooking classes and attend demonstrations that include wine and food pairing. You can take a (free!) wine seminar to learn all of the important aspects about your favorite blend. Here’s the schedule of special events for the festival.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not the best when it comes to choosing wine…I mostly pick the prettiest bottle and hope for the best; but with the Finger Lakes Wine Fest I will be walking out of there with the knowledge that will last a lifetime! For festival info, specific vendors, restaurants participating and more click here.

Tip: You can even buy bottles of wine directly from the vendors, and there will be a special spot for you to keep it so you don’t have to lug it around (and maybe end up opening it!) all day. Check it out once you get there.

Location: Watkins Glen

Remember to please drink responsibly. There are tickets available (at a cheaper price) for designated drivers!

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