121. Crawfish Festival


Even if we’re 1600 miles from the Gulf Coast, it doesn’t mean we have to act like it!

I was introduced to Crawfish in Colorado at a friend’s graduation party…never had I ever heard of such a process to eat some food! Boiling, seasoning, peeling, sucking…it just seemed like so much work! However, I realized that it’s not all about the work but the fun you’re having while you’re working. Surrounding yourself with some good friends in a cool place is exactly what makes enjoying Crawfish so worth it.

This Saturday down in Hanover Square, Operation Southern Comfort will be hosting a Crawfish Festival. The proceeds will go to redeveloping homes affected by hurricanes and disasters in the Gulf Coast. Which, is reason enough to go…not to mention the food!

They’ll have crawfish, shrimp, jambalaya, gumbo, clam chowder (!!!), and so so so much more. There will also be live music, with none other than our favorite Los Blancos & other performers. Not to mention, free admission AND free parking! Seriously, pack up the family…this is worth the trip!

Tip: For how to properly eat a crawfish, click here!

location: Hanover Square

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