44. Los Blancos

This past weekend, I got the pleasure of seeing some live music. It wasn’t just any old live music though. It was homegrown roots, down-to-earth funk and all-around soul music.  It reminded me of those days in Austin when I’d walk down 6th St. and hear fantastic music coming from every bar on the street. It was one of those bands that just makes you enjoy the moment.


It was Los Blancos…which I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about…and if you haven’t heard about them then you need to check out their schedule and go see them perform. They play (almost) every Sunday at the Empire Brew Co. Brunch, which adds character and vibrancy to a casual/fun brunch experience.

I was a little embarrassed I’d never heard of them before; even my parent’s had said how great they are! You know you’re out of the loop when that happens…or maybe my parent’s are just cooler than I am…which is a possibility.

Their website describes the band as…”back porch harmony, a live intensity that can’t be denied, and a massive, ever-evolving, melting pot of music, making Los Blancos a band that will stick with you for a long, long time.” This could not be more accurate…I’ve literally been thinking about them since Sunday.

They’re a mish-mash of different varieties of sounds and genres which combines to make a great performance and all around fun experience. I strongly (strongly…strongly!) suggest you check them out! They even have an accordion in the band, and to be honest…that alone makes them worth listening to… If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Tip: Their next show is Sunday February 17 at Empire Brew Co from 12:30-2:30

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