111. Lofo Brunch

I recently learned of some really cool things happening in and around syracuse. There’s so much going on, and it’s so exciting. I keep telling all of my friends that its on the upswing, syracuse is the place to be.



Last year at this time I was frequenting Om Boys, but that has since closed and in its space is a quaint & really awesome new restaurant called Lofo.

Lofo could be considered a combination of a few words, “local food” or “love food,” but no matter what you say, the food is great and it does not disappoint.

Lofo Brunch is unique in the fact that it is one of the only places in Armory Square that does brunch on the weekends. Their menu on Sunday is strictly brunch food from open to close, 11-3pm.

Inside, it’s cozy with mismatching chairs, couches, dark walls, and awesome local artwork. Their menu has tons of options, from pancakes to waffles to green smoothies. Lofo Brunch is worth checking out. They even use as much local foods as they can in the Support Local initiative.

Tip: check out their Facebook page for info on specials for Brunchm!

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