29. Amateur Night at Wiseguys

I do not know one person who doesn’t like to laugh. I’m a huge fan of those tears-in-your-eyes-belly-aching-can’t-breath-laughs…I’m pretty sure you’re agreeing with me here, laughing is medicine for the soul.

Wiseguys comedy club downtown is holding an Amateur Night tomorrow January 30th from 7-8pm.


Whether you’re someone who has been encouraged by friends to stand on stage and try to get others to laugh, or whether you think that you’re up for the challenge of making a group of strangers split their sides, you should check this out.

We’re in the middle of the Winter Blues,  it’s about time we have something to laugh about!

Tip: This is a free event!


-performers must be 21 years of age
-they must bring at least 4 friends (obvi for support & that occasional chuckle from the audience)
-You only get 5 minutes, so make it worth it!


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