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91. Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival


Remember that one time I featured the Syracuse Improv Collective show? Because I do. My friends and I were talking about it for weeks afterwards; and that’s not even an exaggeration. We laugh thinking of how entertaining every act was, how we felt like we had casually stumbled upon a great treasure here in Syracuse that highlights an integral form of art with very talented comedians.

The Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival is designed to bring the comedy community together throughout Upstate New York, introduce people in the area to different forms of comedy and to be an all around great and hysterical time.

Teams from all over Upstate New York will come to take workshops and perform, from Oswego and Rochester, to Ithaca and local teams from Syracuse…like a personal favorite, Don’t Feed The Actors.

The 2013 Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival (Two Thumbs UP) begins with Standup comedy on Thursday evening, hosted by Anna Phillips. Friday will have long and short form comedy hosted by our friend Michael Heagerty (AKA ToTs) from one of our favorite local sites, NOexcuses. There will be workshops on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening will have improv hosted by Rochester’s Anna Hall.

This entire event will take place from Thursday-Saturday at the CNY Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall, all tickets will be $5 or a festival pass can be purchased for $10.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that this is worth the $5. I had such a great time at the improv show I attended earlier this year, and would gladly go back to watch more performances. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, this is something you should take advantage of. I know I’m really looking forward to it!

Tip: Adult beverages can be purchased at the CNY Playhouse during all performances.

buy your pass early here!

58. Syracuse Improv Collective

Deep in the heart of Syracuse lies an inner circle of people. Within this inner circle are creative minds, pro-active local artists, inspirational individuals, hysterical comedians, and more.  These people are the beating heart of this wonderful city. They support local initiatives, they seek to inform people of their hobbies and passions, they are dedicated to the betterment of this wonderful community.  And every so often, you learn about what these people are doing, and you can’t help but want to learn more.


I learned about the Syracuse Improv Collective through a few friends and knew immediately that it was something I needed to learn more about. My first thought was, there is no way I can’t feature something this great on 365 Things Syracuse. My second thought was, how on earth have I not learned about this sooner? As an endless lover of comedy; I am always laughing. I surround myself with people who are hysterical. I tend to toot-my-own-horn (but only sometimes…) by telling people I’m the funniest person they’ve ever met… some agree, some roll their eyes with a slight sarcasm. It’s become my schtick.

The Syracuse Improv Collective seeks to highlight improv artists through workshops and shows. They support local comedians, area troupes, and also people just interested in getting into the sport of comedy through improvisation. They offer workshops, that’ll teach you the art of improv and help hone your technique.

Friday, March 1st at 8pm there is a show at the Syracuse Playhouse, which is located in the Shoppingtown Mall…yes, that place is still around. For $5, you can get an inside look to the art of hysterically funny improv. This is something that is worth checking out. It’s a great date idea for those who are looking to switch it up from the same old dinner & a movie, it’s a great event to grab friends and go…it’s fun for everyone.  My friends and I will definitely be attending this event.

If you’d like to learn more about possibly taking an improv class or getting involved with SIC in general, there will be a mixer from 6:30-7:30, before the show, where you’ll meet some of the members of previous workshops and get a chance to learn more information about SIC.

Tip: Like them on Facebook to learn more about improv events in and around Syracuse!

29. Amateur Night at Wiseguys

I do not know one person who doesn’t like to laugh. I’m a huge fan of those tears-in-your-eyes-belly-aching-can’t-breath-laughs…I’m pretty sure you’re agreeing with me here, laughing is medicine for the soul.

Wiseguys comedy club downtown is holding an Amateur Night tomorrow January 30th from 7-8pm.


Whether you’re someone who has been encouraged by friends to stand on stage and try to get others to laugh, or whether you think that you’re up for the challenge of making a group of strangers split their sides, you should check this out.

We’re in the middle of the Winter Blues,  it’s about time we have something to laugh about!

Tip: This is a free event!


-performers must be 21 years of age
-they must bring at least 4 friends (obvi for support & that occasional chuckle from the audience)
-You only get 5 minutes, so make it worth it!