20. Alto Cinco Brunch


Alto Cinco brunch is the best. I’d almost put money on it that their brunch is the best brunch in all of Syracuse.

A few months ago, my friends and I would be at Alto every Sunday for brunch…I realized we were developing an unhealthy addiction to the menu and we should cut back. I dared them to eat at Alto only 1 time a week and not 3…they successfully failed the dare.

The brunch at Alto has unique dishes featuring chili rellenos, gigantic pancakes and customizable burritos with add-ins like chicken chorizo or roasted poblano peppers.

This place is always packed and my only qualm about it is the tight quarters…but that doesn’t deter me from frequenting there as much as possible. With great prices and delicious food, you’ve got to get there for brunch soon!

Tip: brunch is served until 3 on Sundays.

Location: 526 Westcott Street

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