19. Syracuse Silver Knights

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know there was a professional indoor soccer team in Syracuse…but there is, and their name is The Silver Knights, and you do now.


I went to the game last night with my friend and her family with literally zero knowledge of what I would encounter and walked away a fan of indoor soccer.

There’s a certain magic, almost a dance, that these players perform on the field when passing and defending and shooting and scoring. Sometimes soccer can be an incredibly boring sport to watch but the fast pace of an indoor game keeps the spectator on the edge of their seat the entire time.

Not to mention, the team behind the scenes does a great job of keeping the crowd interested and participating. While I was thoroughly creeped out by a full grown human dressed as the Kia hamster dancing around the War Memorial, I was also fully entertained by it. There’s even a group of guys who appeared to be the Silver Knights biggest fans so cleverly called the Salt City Supporters with drums and chants. I almost felt like I was finally arriving to a party I was very late for; everyone there was already a fan, they already knew the Kia hamster was going to be there.


If you’re looking for a fun (very fun!) for all ages activity check out a Silver Knights game. It’s entertaining, you can drink a beer while laughing at (err i mean with…) the man in a full body suit who is walking around (still not sure if he’s just a regular dude or a paid employee…), and the players aren’t too bad to check out either!

Tip: their next home game is against Baltimore tomorrow at 1:30.

Tickets can be bought here.

Oh yeah, and to the guy sitting in front of us with the Vuvuzela I don’t care if it was only $5…my ears are still ringing!

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