2. Outdoor Ice Skating in Clinton Square

You can’t have a “things to do in Syracuse” blog without highlighting Ice-Skating in Clinton Square.  I feel like when I was asking friends of what to add to my list each one of them said this activity.

Ice Skating is a great time. When I was younger (and I mean, WAYYY younger) my friends & I used to go to the Lysander Ice Rink every Friday and we’d zip around on our skates. I have heard that there are still 7th graders doing this. Good for you, guys.

However, when the air gets brisk and the ice is frozen, Clinton Square is transformed into a gigantic outdoor skating rink. The rink is nestled between Erie Blvd and the Syracuse Christmas/Holiday Tree. The scene looks like it would be featured on some sort of movie set, and each person on the ice is the star in their own personal rom-com.



There’s something romantic about being outside in the cold Syracuse winter and skating beneath the stars, or the clouds, or the snowflakes, or whatever. And I should highlight this sooner rather than later because you never know what the weather is going to be like here, and this is always a great activity.

Tip: Wednesdays are free!

For more information visit the City Of Syracuse website: http://www.syracuse.ny.us/Parks/clintonSquareRink.html

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