1. Snow Tubing

Whenever I travel and meet new people they’re always asking me where I am from.  The first thing I have to do is clarify that there is more to New York State than New York City, the second is reassure them that yes, they are correct…it snows a lot. But, the nice thing about snow and Syracuse is that the community embraces the chance to get out and make the best of it.

In Fayetteville, The Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center has a one-of-a-kind tubing hill that is a guaranteed fun time. Make sure you dress warm because you’re bound to be outside for a few hours riding up and down the hill on the over-sized snow tube.


From the start to finish this tubing adventure is so much fun you’ll want to come back for more.

Call for more information and hours. 315-637-9023

Open Thursday-Sunday, hours vary.

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