237. Wine & Cheese Tastings

state fair seriesThis isn’t the only time we’ll see wine at the State Fair!

Back in the Horticulture building, there’s the Pride of NY room where lots of really awesome things take place…including…Wine & Cheese tastings!

This is new to the fair this year! Which is awesome!

Every day at 2:30 & 5:30 a different NY winery will be hosting a wine & cheese tasting! On Labor Day, they’re switching it to beer.

You must be 21+ to participate in this event.

Wineries that are participating:
Aug 22: Glenora Wine Cellars & Knapp Vineyards
Aug 23: Hunt Country Vineyards
Aug 25: Owera Vineyards
Aug 26: Ashley Lynn Vineyards
Aug 27: Merritt Estate Winery
Aug 28: Three Brothers Wineries (2:30) & Keuka Springs Vineyard (5:30)
Aug 29: Fox Run Vineyards
Aug 30: King Ferry Winery
Aug 31: Beek & Skiff
Sept 1: Coyote Moon Vineyards

Tip: Spots aren’t guaranteed for this, pre-register by calling 315-487-7711 ext. 1335.

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