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127. Stiletto Stampede

Here in Syracuse, we’re all about supporting a good cause. Without fail, you can muster a group of people to come together and raise awareness for various different charities, groups, etc… It’s heartwarming to know this community has such great people.

Socci Stiletto

This Saturday at Onondaga Lake Parkway, is one of those moments where coming together is what we’re good at. The 2nd annual Socci Stiletto Stampede will be underway starting at 9am.

This is not only a great event, but it’s hilarious to watch! Every Friday & Saturday night women dress up in sky high heels, and guys never seem to notice…or even understand. But! All that is changing with the stiletto stampede. It’s a 50 yard dash in stilettos! Men are encouraged to participate…now you have the chance to feel our pain!

You can guarantee I’ll be there to witness…perhaps I’ll even be participating!

Following the Stiletto Stampede is a 5k run/walk to benefit the Katie Socci Memorial Foundation and Vera House. There will be live music, raffles, local vendors and costume contests….did I mention, Free beer to all that register?? More information can be found on the website.

Tip: If you’re planning on registering for this event, you can do it online here!

location: The Willow Bay Shelter at Onondaga Lake Parkway