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362. Varsity

It’s game day in Syracuse and we’re also celebrating a Bowl Game victory last night!

Something that is a tradition on the hill when there’s a home game is to stop by Varsity Pizza and grab a slice of the best pizza in town.

Varsity has been around for a long time.  The facade says it all. Inside, it looks like history frozen in time. And on game days, the line will stretch out the door with people waiting to get a slice of this famous pie.


Not only that, but they’ve got a menu of mouth watering fare, including my favorite rueben and fries….FOR $5.99. Can’t be beat people.

Tip: If the line looks long, don’t worry. It moves fast, those guys behind the counter know what they’re doing!

location: 802 S Crouse Ave


269. Syracuse University Football Game

We’ve already featured the Ernie Davis statue, which is awesome! Now, there’s no excuse not to go to any football games!

SU joining the ACC this year has brought some heavy competition to their schedule and this weekend is no different! Syracuse takes on Clemson at the Dome Saturday October 5th at 1pm.

If you’re new to Syracuse or if you’re a native of Syracuse…it’s time to crack out the orange tshirts and head to the dome! It’s also homecoming!! Which means extra school spirit!


Tip: Buy your tickets here or here!

location: Syracuse University Carrier Dome

257. Ernie Davis Statue

Remember back at the beginning of the year, we focused on the Shot Clock?

Syracuse is steeped in tradition. There’s so much happening all over that we sometimes forget that the very history of this city is centered around the fact that we’ve had so many inspiring people to grace us with their presence.

One of those people is football legend, Ernie Davis.

Speed Star 1.1470399  00There is a statue of him on the Syracuse campus right by the Dome, and it’s pretty awesome! Not many college campuses pay such tribute to their athletes in a way that will forever be remembered. It’s really quite fascinating.

Not to mention, today is game day…and what better way to celebrate our beloved Orangemen than to take a walk down memory lane!

If you’re ever on the campus, whether it is to visit a game, attend a mass, or just check out the really awesome looking old buildings, make sure you stop by the statue and reflect on how truly great our city is!

Tip: Did you know they made a movie about Ernie Davis?!

Location: Syracuse University

83. Funk N Waffles


Funk ‘n Waffles is one of those places in Syracuse that has an aura of mystery to it. I have to admit, the first time I went I was a bit intimidated. It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing, like they had been there 100 times before. I on the other hand, have lived here for almost my entire life and I somehow had just heard of it recently. Upon arriving, you walk down the ally by Chucks and down some steps, into what looks like a seedy basement. It was at first very off-putting, I have to admit…I was a little scared. But when you walk in, you’re greeted with a comforting cafe style restaurant with a lot of art and character smushed into the confines of the small space.

On the weekends, the line will be wrapped around the restuarant with people waiting to get a famous waffle. The waffles come in a variety of options. You can get a sandwich, you can get one plain, you can get savory toppings or meaty toppings. Their menu is diverse in flavors and size. When I went I had an egg sandwich, and let me tell you… I have not stopped dreaming about that since I had it. It was so good.

BUT. The really COOL thing about Funk N Waffles, besides their food, is the local talent that comes in and out of there. It’s rare you find a place that many people associate with breakfast having live music throughout the week, or being open late night. Their hours are a little weird…they’re closed on Monday’s & Tuesday’s, but if you follow them on facebook you’ll get the inside scoop on what their hours are and what events they have going on throughout the week.

Every day they have something different, they have an open mic night, live music, charity events, art shows (they just revealed a new mural!), and so much more. I really dig the diversity Funk N Waffles brings to Syracuse.  The atmosphere is very laid back, it’s really refreshing to go there.

Tip: Ordering goes really fast, so have an idea of what you want before you get there.

location: 727 S. Crouse Ave