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160. Syracuse Chiefs

Remember when they were called the Syracuse Sky Chiefs?


Here’s a really cool tidbit about Syracuse…we’re a smaller city and we’ve got 3 semiprofessional teams here…not to mention lots of college athletics.

The Syracuse Chiefs (which will forever be listed in my heart as the Sky Chiefs) are a timeless tradition here in Syracuse. Baseball is America’s favorite past time…so why wouldn’t you enjoy hitting up a game every once in a while! I love going to their games. They’re family friendly, you can go with a large group, a few friends, an alumnae group, your sports team, the options are endless.

Tickets are always affordable, and sometimes you can find free ones through giveaways or on your birthday.

Every year I try to make it to at least one game, but judging by the excitement in and around Syracuse over the (sky) Chiefs, I’ll hopefully be making it to a lot more!

Tip: Wondering when the games are? Click here for the schedule.

location: NBT Bank Stadium