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272. Dodgeball League

When it comes to competition in Syracuse, the young professionals in this town take it to a whole ‘nother level.

The competition is fierce in this town, and for good reason! We’ve got a lot to look forward to if we win!


Dodgeball is one of those games where you’re either really good at it or you’re really bad at it…and if you think you’re going to be awful, you’re more than likely a superstar and you just don’t even know it yet.

Dodgeball here in Syracuse is a serious art, and all are welcome to play! It’s co-ed & you’re allowed 6 players on the court at once. The league runs for a total of 11 weeks. Sign up here to play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

It’s $300 per team with a total max of 10 players. Regular season play starts Oct 8th so sign up before it’s too late!

Tip: You must have at least 1 female on your team!

Location: Past TImes Athletic Club

192. Boilermaker

This weekend the weather is supposed to be HOT. Scorching HOT.


Which is why we should be outside…and whether you like running or spectating, we should all be outside cheering on the runners who are going to be sweating their butts off while they run a 15k!

15k for those of us unfamiliar is 9.3 miles long! That’s 9.3 miles up hills, on hot flat pavement and in sweltering heat. Every year, thousands of people train for this run, to prove to themselves they’re capable of completing a very tough course…and hats off to them!

If you’re not running the race, you should definitely spectate. It’s one of those races that is inspiring, not just for the spectators but for the runners as well, and we all know that half the fun of running a race are those along the course route cheering you on! Here’s everything you need to know about the race.

Tip: Here’s a map of the course! Find what you think might be the best spot & post up there to cheer on the runners!

location: 2201 Dwyer Avenue

160. Syracuse Chiefs

Remember when they were called the Syracuse Sky Chiefs?


Here’s a really cool tidbit about Syracuse…we’re a smaller city and we’ve got 3 semiprofessional teams here…not to mention lots of college athletics.

The Syracuse Chiefs (which will forever be listed in my heart as the Sky Chiefs) are a timeless tradition here in Syracuse. Baseball is America’s favorite past time…so why wouldn’t you enjoy hitting up a game every once in a while! I love going to their games. They’re family friendly, you can go with a large group, a few friends, an alumnae group, your sports team, the options are endless.

Tickets are always affordable, and sometimes you can find free ones through giveaways or on your birthday.

Every year I try to make it to at least one game, but judging by the excitement in and around Syracuse over the (sky) Chiefs, I’ll hopefully be making it to a lot more!

Tip: Wondering when the games are? Click here for the schedule.

location: NBT Bank Stadium

104. Le Moyne Lacrosse Game

With all of the hustle and bustle of March Madness behind us, we can’t forget that spring sports here in Syracuse are still going on. Syracuse Lacrosse (both Men’s & Women’s) are doing well, and Le Moyne Lacrosse is doing well too! With a record of 9-2, they’re ranked #5 in Division II Men’s Lacrosse.


Sometimes we tend to forget about Le Moyne College Athletics, they fall into the shadow of Syracuse University. However, they’re pretty good…and from what I’ve heard incredibly entertaining. To watch Lacrosse is thrilling, it’s constant back and forth gives the spectators an “edge-of-your-seat” feeling the entire game…and now that they’re rounding out the season LeMoyne Lacrosse has limited home games.

Their next home game is vs St. Rose at 4pm up at LeMoyne. They play on a brand new field located at the Turf Complex and tickets are just $5. Tuesday’s forecast says 67 degrees (with a slight chance of rain…but we all know how Syracuse weather is…). That’s the perfect weather to watch a game in. Grab some friends and head on over to the complex to watch the Dolphin’s play.

Tip: If you can’t make it to this game, there is one last home game on April 27th at 2pm.

location: 1419 Salt Springs Road Syracuse, NY 13214

19. Syracuse Silver Knights

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know there was a professional indoor soccer team in Syracuse…but there is, and their name is The Silver Knights, and you do now.


I went to the game last night with my friend and her family with literally zero knowledge of what I would encounter and walked away a fan of indoor soccer.

There’s a certain magic, almost a dance, that these players perform on the field when passing and defending and shooting and scoring. Sometimes soccer can be an incredibly boring sport to watch but the fast pace of an indoor game keeps the spectator on the edge of their seat the entire time.

Not to mention, the team behind the scenes does a great job of keeping the crowd interested and participating. While I was thoroughly creeped out by a full grown human dressed as the Kia hamster dancing around the War Memorial, I was also fully entertained by it. There’s even a group of guys who appeared to be the Silver Knights biggest fans so cleverly called the Salt City Supporters with drums and chants. I almost felt like I was finally arriving to a party I was very late for; everyone there was already a fan, they already knew the Kia hamster was going to be there.


If you’re looking for a fun (very fun!) for all ages activity check out a Silver Knights game. It’s entertaining, you can drink a beer while laughing at (err i mean with…) the man in a full body suit who is walking around (still not sure if he’s just a regular dude or a paid employee…), and the players aren’t too bad to check out either!

Tip: their next home game is against Baltimore tomorrow at 1:30.

Tickets can be bought here.

Oh yeah, and to the guy sitting in front of us with the Vuvuzela I don’t care if it was only $5…my ears are still ringing!

7. Cobblestone

I’m sure you’re all aware that Syracuse Basketball is an institution around town.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the team, there’s going to be a time during the season you will be at a bar and the game will be on TV.


Personally, I enjoy watching games at a local watering hole because of the excitement and the atmosphere. Which is why I suggest if you have a chance this season to make your way to The Cobblestone to watch a game.

Cobblestone has surround sound, a large projection screen to watch the games and an endless supply of peanuts for patrons.

When there’s an away game Cobblestone is one of my favorite places to be.

Syracuse’s next away game is against Providence on Jan 9th, tip off is at 7pm

Tip: They’ve got some of the best wings in town!

Location: The Corner of Tulip St & 1st St. in Liverpool.