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126. Kitty Hoynes Run Club

If you haven’t noticed, and I don’t know how you wouldn’t notice…now that the weather has miraculously taken a turn for the better there are lots and lots of people outside. Especially the ‘after-work’ crowd. You know those people, the people who work a hard 8 hour day and then have to fit some sort of exercise into the last 3 hours of their night…I’m one of them, you probably are too.

kitty hoynes run club

Running is a big activity here in Syracuse…minus the cost for shoes, essentially it’s free. Lace up and go! We host a plethora of fun runs, competitive runs, half marathons, warrior dash’s, color runs, the list goes on…

A really great way to train or just leisurely run is with a group. It’s a proven fact that group activities are better when they’re performed with a group.

Every Wednesday starting at 6pm, Kitty Hoynes hosts a run club. They start at Tipp Hill and run all over the place! To Eastwood, Tipp Hill, along the Creek Walk and more…It’s designed with the runner in mind…if you’re novice, they’ve got 2 mile routes or if you’re expert they’ve got 8 mile routes. They’ve got a few rules, that makes sense for liability and common sense purposes…like signing a waiver, running at your own risk, absolutely do NOT jaywalk (it increases your chances of getting hit by a car…) and have fun!

I encourage everyone to try this out…you don’t need to be a fantastic runner to show up and participate. Just sign up here!

Tip: Afterwards they have snacks at Kitty Hoynes!

location: Kitty Hoynes