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352. Sledding at Onondaga Lake Park

On the other side of Onondaga Lake Park more technically known as Long Branch Park…away from the parkway, beyond the Lights on the Lake spectacular, sits a hill.

This hill has been home to some of the best sledding in Syracuse for years.


When I was younger, the neighbor kids would pile into the car and head to the “sledding hill” at Onondaga Lake Parkway…it’d be dotted with tons of kids exactly like us — barely able to move in our confining snow suits.  However, once you got to the top of that hill and your friend pushed you forward…it was freedom for 30 seconds!

I don’t know if it’s just because I grew up in Syracuse and I’ve grown accustomed to the snow and the freezing…but I don’t think that cold weather should stop you from having fun.

This is an “unofficial” hill, there’s no check-in guy, no one to help you up (except a friendly fellow sledder), no tube or sled rentals…it’s just…original. And that’s what I love about it! (Unlike other tubing)

Tip: The sledding hill is open from 10am-5pm daily.

Location: 3813 Long Branch Rd, Liverpool, NY 13088

338. Lights on the Lake

We’re almost done with the year, and it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Onondaga Lake Park in the winter time!

Lights on the lake is a tradition here in Syracuse.  When it opens, cars are lined down the parkway to get a glimpse at the old and new light displays!


It’s really fun, and if you’re new to Syracuse or you’ve been here for what feels like a million winters, Lights on the Lake is something that everyone goes to at least once.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Onondaga Lake Parkway during the day and walk through all the funny light displays. They aren’t turned on, which makes it even better. On January 4 from 11-midnight they’ve got a “run through” where you can run on the parkway while they’re all lit up!

It’s open from November 21-Jan 12 from 5-10pm $10 per car

Tip: Cash Only!

155. The Corporate Challenge

2013_CC_logo_3CI learned of the Corporate Challenge last year when it was too late to register for the event…I saw plenty of local friends posting all over Facebook about how they’re participating with their work friends in the Corporate Challenge.

I was intrigued by the idea of this. It’s a 3 1/2 mile race, using collective times of all team members as a means of winning. While last year was my 1st year hearing about this, did you know the Corporate Challenge is 31 years old? This will be the 31st year of the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge here in Syracuse…hey, that’s pretty neat!

corporate challenge

This year, more than 8000 runners & walkers from 300 local businesses are expected to participate…if that isn’t the definition of a community event, I don’t know what is! I decided to post this early (the actual race is on June 18th) because Registration is still open for this event and if your company is still interested in registering you’ve got a few days left (registration closes Friday).

Tip: If you’re not participating in the Corporate Challenge and you commute through the village of Liverpool, I suggest finding an alternative route…last year traffic on Old Liverpool Road was backed up for miles.

location: Onondaga Lake Parkway

127. Stiletto Stampede

Here in Syracuse, we’re all about supporting a good cause. Without fail, you can muster a group of people to come together and raise awareness for various different charities, groups, etc… It’s heartwarming to know this community has such great people.

Socci Stiletto

This Saturday at Onondaga Lake Parkway, is one of those moments where coming together is what we’re good at. The 2nd annual Socci Stiletto Stampede will be underway starting at 9am.

This is not only a great event, but it’s hilarious to watch! Every Friday & Saturday night women dress up in sky high heels, and guys never seem to notice…or even understand. But! All that is changing with the stiletto stampede. It’s a 50 yard dash in stilettos! Men are encouraged to participate…now you have the chance to feel our pain!

You can guarantee I’ll be there to witness…perhaps I’ll even be participating!

Following the Stiletto Stampede is a 5k run/walk to benefit the Katie Socci Memorial Foundation and Vera House. There will be live music, raffles, local vendors and costume contests….did I mention, Free beer to all that register?? More information can be found on the website.

Tip: If you’re planning on registering for this event, you can do it online here!

location: The Willow Bay Shelter at Onondaga Lake Parkway