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193. Onondaga Lake Park

I love the parkway.

Simple as that. It’s perfect for outdoor activities.


When I was younger my friends and I would strap on our Rollerblades and skate the length of the parkway a few times, it was where I qualified for my black belt back in 1997…loonnggg time ago, it’s where high school teams meet to row crew, it’s where I go to get in a good solo run, it’s where people enjoy some light spectaculars in the winter… it’s an all around fantastic spot, I’m shocked I haven’t featured it yet.

There is so much to do there, You can rent bikes and boats, you can ride your own bike, jog or run, you can stop at one of the many food truck vendors and get a bite to eat. You can bring a skateboard or a trick bike and play at the skate park (!!!), play Irish road bowling or bocce ball, You can play some archery, you can go to a music festival, you can sign up for a color run, there’s a butterfly park and even a museum…endless options at Onondaga Lake Park.

One of my favorite events this park holds is every Sunday. They close down Onondaga Lake Parkway on Sunday’s from 9am to noon and allow bikers, runners, walkers, joggers, etc… to enjoy an extra 2 miles of fun along the Onondaga Lake shore. It’s actually really cool!

Admission is free, as well as parking. Stop by The Retreat or Cobblestone after an afternoon at the park for a cool drink, or even Heid’s!

There’s also lots of free parking around the park, just watch out for that construction off of 370.

OLP map

Tip: Here’s a map of Onondaga Lake Park that outlines all of the fun activities at the park!

Hours change when the seasons change:
April-October: 6am-sunset plus 1/2 hour
November-March: 6am-sunset


169. Longbranch Jam

Music festivals are fun. You can enjoy live music, try some beers, have some food, hang out with friends, enjoy the summer air…lots of reasons to enjoy outdoor concerts.

Especially when the music is great.


This year will be the inaugural year for the Longbranch Jam, held Sunday June 23rd at Longbranch Park. For $22 here, or at Dinosaur BBQ or Sound Garden or $30 at the door, you get an admission ticket, which will cover the live music by some of the greatest local bands and national acts…including Los Blancos & Rusted Root!

Doors open at 1, with The Shakdown followed by an all day event of live music ending with Rusted Root taking the stage at 8pm.

I know I’m always saying things like, “guys…go to this!” or “guys, this is going to be awesome…” But, I truly believe this event will be really really awesome. Long Branch Park has a long standing history of holding large events, and it’s the perfect spot for a celebration of summer, community and fun. There will be food & beer available for purchase along with local vendors…you’re guaranteed to turn this sunday into a Sunday Funday if you attend this event.

Tip: Parking is free! They’ve also added some other friendly tips here.

location: Longbranch Park

150. Wegmans Good Dog Park

Is there anything better than taking your dog to the park to play with other pups?

I think not.

With nice weather brings lots of people to parks and recreational places, and with them they bring their dogs…but finally, the dogs are the ones with all the attention and playtime is on their time.

good dog park

The Wegmans Good Dog Park is one of the only parks in Syracuse that is specifically designed with the dog in mind. It’s 40,000 square feet of dog playground heaven.  Dogs are allowed within the fenced in space without a leash to run up obstacles and play with their dog friends. This is a really great park to take your dog to…especially if it can play nice with other dogs!

Dog at Dog pArk

There are a few rules associated with the park, such as:

  • Your dog may not be in heat, sick, have parasites or be younger than four months old.
  • Dogs must have tags and up-to-date on shots and a valid license.
  • No food allowed in the dog park.

For more information on the rules of the park, click here.

Tip: Don’t forget to clean up after your pet, there are stations located throughout just in case you forget some bags!

location: 49 Cold Springs Trail, Liverpool, NY

71. Irish Road Bowling

One of the really exciting things about creating this blog has been discovering all these really cool things to do here in Syracuse. Granted, there are some days when I really struggle to diversify things…I mean, there are only so many restaurants you can eat at….However, sometimes you come across great little gems…like Irish Road Bowling.

irish road bowling

I have got to admit, the Irish are very clever.

Irish Road Bowling, as defined by Wikipedia, is an Irish sport in which competitors attempt to take the fewest throws to propel a metal ball along a predetermined course of country roads. Again…the Irish are very clever. Click here to read the rules!

This Sunday, at Onondaga Lake Park there will be an Irish Road Bowling tournament to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…nice weather…culture…you name it! This is something I’m really excited to go spectate.  Registration begins at 10am and is $100 per team of 4. The games will go from 11-2pm and there will be prizes awarded to the winning teams, best costume and/or decorated bowl afterwards! All proceeds will go to support Educational Programs at Onondaga Lake Park.

Tip: Drinks are permitted, however coolers are not allowed on the course.

For more information contact Leiko Benson (lbenson@ongov.net)