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110. Record Store Day At Sound Garden


When I think of records I think of my brother. He’s got a tangible collection larger than anyone I have ever met. On top of his iTunes library being almost 30,000 songs, he has shelves and shelves of records. Varieties of music only the realest of music lovers have. (see picture below!)


Record Store Day is nationally celebrated. It’s for people who like a raw sound when listening to music. You have to own a record player, you have to have the key components, you have to have an affinity for music and not just for good lyrics; but for sound and feel and touch of the beats, the melodies, the moment.  I once listened to Lil’ Wayne on vinyl…it changed the game for me…it was incredible.

The only (certified) record store participating in Record Store Day around here is The Sound Garden. This is how they qualify for Record Store Day participation.

They’ll have some rare records available at the store, live music throughout the day, food trucks parked outside to satisfy customers every need, and more!

Tip: They’re open from 10am-Midnight but if you’re really interested in getting that record you’ve been waiting for, or you’re interested in having a large variety to choose from I suggest getting there earlier rather than later. They’ll have a very limited selections of released records for Record Store Day.

28. The Westcott Theater

The history behind The Westcott Theater is remarkable; it’s been a mainstay in the Syracuse area for almost a century starting out as a small theater and transforming over the years. Today, it’s home to some pretty awesome musical events and has hosted a slue of popular indie bands, jam bands, folk bands, dubstep, the list goes on…

Seeing a concert at the Westcott is like being invited to a party for the first time. You’re both excited and nervous, you never know what to expect but you’re almost positive you’re going to have a great time.


When they re-opened in 2008 as a music venue, the owners had renovated the entire property. They’d torn out the movie theater seats and opened the space up to be the perfect spot to let people listen to their favorite bands. And thus, The Westcott Theater began to grow into a a widely recognized popular music venue in Syracuse.

The inside is exactly how you’d picture it, dark, vintage, hipster. The people, they range from high school and college students to young professionals and adults…depending on the band. When I recently saw a concert at The Westcott, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse groups of people there. Sometimes Syracuse can seem like one giant bubble, until you visit spots like The Westcott, especially, you are snapped back to reality and reminded that there are so many people with so many different interests and this city is growing and artistic and creative.

In the back of the venue there’s a bar where you can get drinks for a reasonable price without missing a beat from your favorite performers.

The current lineup features some great acts, Lotus (performing on 1/30), The Wood Brothers (2/23), Aaron Carter (!!!!) (2/24), and lots more.

Make sure to check out any show you can at The Westcott Theater, you will not be disappointed.

Tip: Tickets can be purchased at various locations around town, at The Sound Garden in Armory Square, online here, or at the Westcott itself.