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246. The Everson Museum

Whew…we made it through the fair, Syracuse! How do you feel? Tired? Fat? Both?

Today marks the first unofficial day of Fall in Syracuse and you could certainly tell by the crispness in the air that the leaves will be changing colors very shortly. Which is both good and bad. Good for the fact that we’ll be indulging in everything apple, pumpkin and spice flavored. Bad because we know winter is just around the corner.

That really isn’t stopping me from enjoying the city though!

Today’s thing to do is a bit of a mix up from the free concerts and extreme canines. The Everson Museum of Art sits downtown as a giant building, complete with outdoor sculptures. Every time I walk by I think that I need to head inside, and everytime I head inside I am completely in shock that something this creative and amazing and thoughtful sits in our fine city.

eversonI’ve mentioned them before, they have awesome series like Yoga among the art and their outdoor film series is always a huge hit during the summer time. But there’s also tons of really awesome things to explore at the Everson too!

The current exhibits on display are awe inspiring, And, their future exhibits are just as interesting.

The Everson is open Tuesday-Sunday, closed on Monday. They offer insightful tours and educational programs,

Tip: Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on their events and exhibits!!

location: 401 Harrison Street

219. Canal Splash!

Upstate, NY has incredibly fascinating history. There’s so much to learn about how important our little corner of the State is. We can recognize this by looking around!

One of the coolest things that I think we take for granted up here is the fact that The Erie Canal ran right through our little city! Seriously, how cool is that.

Clinton Square and Erie Canal, Syracuse, N.Y.

Where we have all of our festivals now in Clinton Square is where boats used to come through! We literally party on the Erie Canal these days!

So imagine my excitement when I learned about the Canal Splash August 9th from 9am-6pm. Canal Splash is a guided cruise along the Canal Systems in Upstate NY from Syracuse to Seneca Falls. It leaves from one of my favorite locks (yes, I have a favorite), Lock 24 in Baldwinsville and will cruise down to Cross Lake, then on towards the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, and finish at the double locks in Seneca Falls.  How is that for living history!?

You even get to ride on the famous Emita II, which is a double decker ferry tour boat..it’s really something!

emitaiiTickets for this event are a bit pricey, they’re $110 for nonmembers and $99 for members…however, included is a continental breakfast and lunch buffet, afternoon snack…so basically, lots of food! You will also return to Syracuse by vehicle and that transportation is provided. Sidenote: A portion of your ticket price is tax deductible.

Tip: Space is limited, purchase your ticket here

location: Dutchman’s Landing, 7415 Hillside Rd., Baldwinsville, NY, 13027

208. Fort Ontario

With Harborfest on everyone’s minds this weekend, we’re doing all things Oswego here on 365 Things Syracuse…have you checked out Rudy’s yet? Pardon the interruption.

As you’ve all probably figured out, I’ve got a passionate obsession with History. From museums to walking tours I’m basically down to learn about anything. It’s completely mind-boggling to me, and that’s why I love it so much.


Fort Ontario is one of those places that is jaw droppingly beautiful but at the same time completely creepy and interesting. It’s really a conundrum.

Considering the fact that in Syracuse, we only live about 30 minutes away from some pretty significant structures used during The French and Indian war all the way through WWII and on we’re pretty lucky. Not many people have this much significant history surrounding them.

As a little History lesson for you…Fort Ontario was originally constructed by the British to protect the Lake in 1755, and was used as a fort during The French and Indian War. It served as a fort for the British during the War of 1812 and during WWII it was the only refugee camp established by the United States for Jewish fleeing from Nazi Germany.

Fort Ontario is now open to the public as a part of the New York State Parks Service. They’ve done a really great job of rehabilitating the property and it is actually quite breathtaking. It even has a little spook to it! It was featured on Ghost Hunters! SEE! History CAN be fun!

It’s open to the public at varying times throughout the year, but for the summer months it’s open daily from 10am-4:30pm.  If you just want to check it out, walk around, and explore the property it’s free, otherwise it’s $4 for admission (or $3 for students!) which brings you inside the walls for some exciting history lessons, artifact admiring and guided tours.

Tip: Fort Ontario’s location is perfect for viewing the fireworks during Harborfest!


145. The MOST

Deep in the heart of Armory Square sits a haunting building, massive in size and features it’s home to an old armory. It’s dynamic size and structure watches over Syracuse, it protects it…it’s awareness leads to innovation and creativity. It’s the coolest place around, by far.


After years of different uses, it settled in as a Science Museum. Now, the building gets hundreds of visitors per day, curious about cells and robots and the most hands on interesting activities in town. This building is The MOST.

Personally, I’m just plain old awful at Science. I never understood any part of it…and the only time I can really get a grasp on the way Science works is when it’s hands on…not to mention, it’s really fun to experiment with all the cool tools there!

The MOST is great, it’s a fantastic activity for people of all ages, and even caters to the older crowd too, like Tap into the MOST, an IMAX theater –the only one in town, a planetarium (!!!) and they’re always bringing really awesome features around…like interactive exhibits on Robots!

The MOST is open throughout the week (closed on Mondays & Tuesdays) and the prices vary for what you’re interested in discovering. Click here for more details.

There’s so much stuff that goes on at The MOST that my suggestion to you is to try it out for yourself…walk around, feel the learning around you and take in the gigantic structure of the old Armory while you’re at it.

Tip: Museum Week is just around the corner, Buy 1 admission get 1 free the week of June 12-16.


131. Wonderworks


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be caught in the middle of a hurricane? Or known what it feels like to lay on a bed of nails?

Wonderworks offers these experiences, plus a whole lot more! It’s a fun interactive all-ages museum of sorts situated on the 3rd level of “The Canyon” in DestiNY.

They’ve got laser tag, coasters, mind puzzles, anti-gravity chambers, ropes courses, a 4D theater and more!

This is one of those really fun things to do on a rainy day, or when the weather is not cooperating. So if you’re not out perusing the garage sales this weekend, stop by Wonderworks & check out how fun it is! I can not wait to get there & try out that ropes course!

Tickets vary in price according to age & what you plan on doing, click here for more info on that.

Tip: Nurse or Teacher? They’ve got specials for you!

location: DestiNY

16. Onondaga History Museum

Deep in the heart of Syracuse, across from an old Masonic Temple, down the street from the Cathedral and around the corner from City Hall is where all of Syracuse history presides.  From toys and furniture to posters and authentic original Syracuse China, the Onondaga History Museum has something for everyone.


I need to admit anything before we go any further, but I am obsessed with History. It’s sort of a problem… There was a time in my life when walking through my old historic town and admiring the buildings and imagining the way life used to be was my favorite past time.

History enriches the spirit, it brings out a sense of imagination and reality at the same time. It has an uncanny ability to grab someones attention, pull them in real close and touch their souls. It’s what really gets the blood flowin’.


The Onondaga History Museum has a little something for everyone. Those interested in learning about the Underground Railroad will get a hands-on tour of what it was like to be an escaped slave. If you’re into sports, there is a room upstairs that features local sports and their impact on Syracuse. Brewmaster? Learn about the different beers and breweries throughout the city! Into your neighborhood? It features little blurbs about each and every neighborhood in this city, with pictures and maps and artifacts — oh my!


The history behind this city is what makes it so cool, in my opinion. I mean…we did invent the shot clock after all!

It’s free to browse, with a suggested $3 donation, and has a revolving door of exhibits touching on all things history. You’ll also learn about activities happening in and around town, and if you’re really interested in learning more there’s a research room upstairs!

Oh man!.

Tip: The downtown Museum is closed on Monday’s & Tuesday’s.

Location: 321 Montgomery St.,  Syracuse, NY. 13202

And when you’re finished, you can stop in to Parisa for brunch on Sunday!