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361. King David’s

I’m frequently around Marshall Street…being a grad student at SU has me near and on the campus basically every day of the week, which means that I’ve had Chiptole and Pita Pit and Jimmy Johns more times than I can count…

However, now I have added King David’s into the rotation and I’ve never been happier.


King David’s is as authentic as it can get…with specializing in middle eastern food, they’ve got a menu full of falafel and gyros and dinner plates that make your head spin.

Literally everything I’ve had from there is delicious! If you’re ever on Marshall Street, or Fayetteville (they’ve got a 2nd restaurant in the Fayetteville Town Square) stop in…forgo the loaded burrito at Chipotle or the lightening fast speed at Jimmy Johns.

Tip: The humous is the best in Syracuse…in my opinion



325. Bleu Monkey Cafe

On a recent trip to Marshall Street, a friend and I decided that we were going to try Bleu Monkey Cafe.

I had no idea what the restaurant was about, for some reason I thought it only served paninis?

Well, I was wrong.


I walked out stuffed to the brim in the best sushi I’ve had in a long time.

My typical go-to sushi restaurant is Namu. But Bleu Monkey serves the freshest sushi I’ve ever eaten here in Syracuse.  There’s a wide variety of choices, the menu is easy to read, it’s #1 in my book!

Also, they’ve got these really interesting noodle bowls that everyone around us was ordering.  I think it might be their claim to fame. If we had room we were going to order one, but we were stuffed with the two rolls we both ordered.

My favorite kind of restaurant is the no-frills kind, and that’s exactly what Bleu Monkey is!

Tip: They deliver & you can order online!