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249. Golden Harvest Festival

I know I sound like a broken record here when I continue to say “it’s after labor day, and summer is over…”

But guys, summer is basically over. Not only are we all back at school again, and when I woke up it was probably 40 degrees outside…was that snow??! (just kidding).

I digress.

golden harvest festival

The Golden Harvest Festival is really awesome.  It’s lots of live music, activities, eating, and more. It’s held at Beaver Lake Nature Center Saturday & Sunday, September 7 & 8, and you’ll have a chance to go canoeing one last time, partake in a pie eating contest (!!!!), enjoy a scavenger hunt through the woods, listen to some live music (Los Blancos is playing there!)

It’s going to be an action packed weekend, and you won’t want to miss it!

Tip: It’s $5 for adults and $1 for Children (6-17)

Location: Beaver Lake Nature Center, 8477 East Mud Lake Road
There will be free parking on site and at the River Mall with continuous shuttles back and forth

169. Longbranch Jam

Music festivals are fun. You can enjoy live music, try some beers, have some food, hang out with friends, enjoy the summer air…lots of reasons to enjoy outdoor concerts.

Especially when the music is great.


This year will be the inaugural year for the Longbranch Jam, held Sunday June 23rd at Longbranch Park. For $22 here, or at Dinosaur BBQ or Sound Garden or $30 at the door, you get an admission ticket, which will cover the live music by some of the greatest local bands and national acts…including Los Blancos & Rusted Root!

Doors open at 1, with The Shakdown followed by an all day event of live music ending with Rusted Root taking the stage at 8pm.

I know I’m always saying things like, “guys…go to this!” or “guys, this is going to be awesome…” But, I truly believe this event will be really really awesome. Long Branch Park has a long standing history of holding large events, and it’s the perfect spot for a celebration of summer, community and fun. There will be food & beer available for purchase along with local vendors…you’re guaranteed to turn this sunday into a Sunday Funday if you attend this event.

Tip: Parking is free! They’ve also added some other friendly tips here.

location: Longbranch Park