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317. East v. West Coast IPA Challenge

As a person who turned 21 in Colorado, I have a strong love for a great IPA from New Belgium. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s a great taste!

Syracuse Beer WeekThis week is beer week, as you may already know. And tonight they’ve got some fun beer activities going on.

Something that I’m definitely making a point to check out will be the East vs. West Coast IPA Challenge.

It takes place at one of my favorite spots in all of Syracuse, Kitty Hoynes.

They’ll have 18 beers on tap ranging from from Colorado to New York to California.

Tip: Tastings last all day

location: Kitty Hoynes

126. Kitty Hoynes Run Club

If you haven’t noticed, and I don’t know how you wouldn’t notice…now that the weather has miraculously taken a turn for the better there are lots and lots of people outside. Especially the ‘after-work’ crowd. You know those people, the people who work a hard 8 hour day and then have to fit some sort of exercise into the last 3 hours of their night…I’m one of them, you probably are too.

kitty hoynes run club

Running is a big activity here in Syracuse…minus the cost for shoes, essentially it’s free. Lace up and go! We host a plethora of fun runs, competitive runs, half marathons, warrior dash’s, color runs, the list goes on…

A really great way to train or just leisurely run is with a group. It’s a proven fact that group activities are better when they’re performed with a group.

Every Wednesday starting at 6pm, Kitty Hoynes hosts a run club. They start at Tipp Hill and run all over the place! To Eastwood, Tipp Hill, along the Creek Walk and more…It’s designed with the runner in mind…if you’re novice, they’ve got 2 mile routes or if you’re expert they’ve got 8 mile routes. They’ve got a few rules, that makes sense for liability and common sense purposes…like signing a waiver, running at your own risk, absolutely do NOT jaywalk (it increases your chances of getting hit by a car…) and have fun!

I encourage everyone to try this out…you don’t need to be a fantastic runner to show up and participate. Just sign up here!

Tip: Afterwards they have snacks at Kitty Hoynes!

location: Kitty Hoynes

46. Downtown Dining Week – Kitty Hoynes

This next week is going to be really exciting for Syracuse… it’s basically prime time for this blog….there’s so much to do!

First we’ve got Downtown Dining week; which features 3 course meals for $25 or less from the best restaurants in town, and there’s also Winterfest.

For the next few days I’m going to be featuring my favorite downtown restaurants that are participating in dining week, and also really awesome activities you can participate in during Winterfest.

The end of February is going to fly by, and then before we know it we’ll all be dressed head to toe in green and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

We start dining week off with a bang at Kitty Hoynes.

I’ve mentioned Kitty Hoynes before…remember trivia?  Trivia at Kitty Hoynes is so awesome and everyone should check it out. It’s run by my friend over at NOexcuses.


Kitty Hoynes has quickly become one of my favorite places to hang out at in Syracuse. The atmosphere is comfortable, the people are friendly…I’m a huge fan of the small-pub feel; it’s cozy and comfortable.  Every Monday, my friends and I settle in at one of the open tables and enjoy dinner and trivia. It’s a great way to start the week, and an even better way to have an excuse to try everything on the menu.

Their Dining Week menu features delicious traditional Irish fare from Shepherd’s Pie, to grilled chicken with a Guinness mustard cream sauce, to Dublin Steak. They’ve also teamed up with Ommegang, an official sponsor of Downtown Dining Week, and will be offering special pairings and flights throughout the week!

Note: During Lent, Kitty Hoynes also features a special Festival of Fishes where they have seafood on Thursday’s and Friday’s on their menu. The Festival of Fishes menu includes: Baked Oysters, Shrimp Cocktail, Seafood Flatbread, Smoked Tilapia fish tacos, Mahi Mahi stuffed with smoked salmon, and a Baked Haddock Casserole.


Tip: Did you know Kitty Hoynes has 19 beers on tap and the largest selection of Irish Whiskey & Scotch available in upstate NY!

14. Trivia at Kitty Hoynes

Question. Can you name three films with one word titles, and beginning with the same letter of the alphabet, which starred the actress Cher?*

Trivia. I love trivia. I like to think I am really good at trivia…but then I realize I’m not. However, trivia is one of those things people consistently try very hard at even if they’re really bad at it.

Just a sidenote: if  Friday Night Lights trivia ever comes to Syracuse I will win. Without a doubt.

Starting Monday night’s at 8pm, Kitty Hoynes hosts a (somewhat difficult, but always fun) trivia night.


Grab all of your smartest friends; those who know the most random things and stop by Kitty Hoynes. Come early for a drink and to grab a spot to sit, it’s bound to fill up quick!

Location: The corner of West Fayette & South Franklin St in Armory Square.

Tip: It’s free to play!

*answer:  Mask, Mermaids & Moonstruck