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312. Singers Karaoke

I know we’ve featured karaoke at the taste before, but I don’t think we focus enough on highlighting our natural ability to hold a tune!

Singers is the place.


Singers is strictly karaoke (and booze, so 21+ only, please!). You can go any night of the week and there will be someone behind the mic belting out Mariah Carey or my personal favorite, Destiny’s Child.

Every night of the week they’ve got a different party.

Tip: Looking for karaoke at your own party? They are mobile!

location: 1345 Milton Ave

119. Karaoke At The Taste

Remember when I talked about Karaoke at Woodys? Well, I’ve recently discovered that Karaoke is a huge sport here in Syracuse…it’s performed almost nightly at various locations around town and it’s quite the hit.


The Taste is a new restaurant that is open downtown, sort of near Hanover Square. I remember driving by this standalone building when it was Shell & Bone and wanting/wishing for it to be open so I could check it out…but it never did, and soon it became The Taste.


It’s run by a local family, and it’s starting to make a name for itself with it’s Karaoke on Wednesday Nights. Starting at around 6pm until midnight, there’s a chance for you to display your singing skills…who knows, maybe you’re the next Kelly Clarkson!

Tip: Follow The Taste on facebook for more info on specials and weeknight activities.

location: 318 East Fayette Street