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304. Hocus Pocus Experience

Who loves a good movie with Bette Midler?

Oh, did everyone just raise their hands?! Weird…

I do too!

Which is why tonight I’ll be at The Red House watching Hocus Pocus! Show starts at 8pm, and will also be played on November 1st if you miss out on the Halloween showing.

There will be live performances & your admission gets you 1 drink…Tickets are $20 for non-members & $15 for members. Buy your tickets here.

Tip: Audience Participation IS required.

location: Red House Arts Center 201 S West Street, Syracuse

303. Fright Night Series

Guys. Tomorrow is Halloween! Who is excited?!

It’s freezing outside, and I don’t plan on spending a moment outdoors…even if that means handing out candy…or even going door to door…is there an age limit on trick or treating?

I plan on spending Halloween inside….at the Landmark Theater!


Now the Landmark has been the #1 spot for halloween fun…they hosted a ghost tour & a zombie ball.

Now it’s time to settle into one of those old fashioned seats and enjoy some old fashioned movies.

Tonight & Tomorrow night from 7:30-10:30 the Landmark Theater will be showing old horror flicks!

Tonight they’ll be showing:
7:30 – Frankenstein & The Bride of Frankenstein 10:30 – Night of the living dead

and tomorrow they’ll show
7:30 – Invasion of the body snatchers
10:30 – The Shining

It’s $10 to watch both films or $5 if you want to watch just one.

Tip: There will be halloween themed drinks & costumes are welcome!

300. Critz Farms

Did anyone notice there are only 65 days left in 2013? Not like I’m counting or anything…

This weekend has been very bleak. The weather has really reminded us that winter is coming.

BUT…and that’s a big BUT. Now is the time to embrace the non-snowy roads, the still somewhat colorful leaves on the trees and some sunshine…and even though it’s been kind of raining and gloomy you gotta make the best of it.

Which is why Critz farms is where you should go to get your last minute halloween pumpkin. Remember that blueberry jam?


One of my favorite things to snack on is Pumpkin Seeds. Roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious…and if you go to critz farms, prepare to bring home a pumpkin that’s huge & has lots and lots of seeds in it!

For me, it’s between Tims Pumpkin Patch & Critz Farms for the best place to pick your pumpkin in CNY.

They’re open on the weekends from 10am-5/6pm. There’s a corn maze, a cafe, a gift shop, cider making demonstrations, a cidery (!!!), and live music on the weekends. It’s truly a fun place to go! Gather your friends or your family (or both!) and get your pumpkin before it’s too late!

Tip: This is their final weekend


299. The Last Ride

This is the last stop for spooky halloween haunted houses for 2013… I’m cutting myself off after this one. I can’t handle it anymore!

The Last Ride is one of those places where you honestly think that you might be on your last ride. The haunted hayride is probably one of the most frightening things in Syracuse…

hayride 003

With the trail of terror 1 & 2, screamers hollow, booville, and frightmare farms, and fright night at the fair, Syracuse is really on top of their trying to really scare you and make it count game.

The last ride is open friday – sunday from 7pm-12am. $9 for the hayride, $8 for the haunted house, $15 combo ticket & $14 for a hearse ride (really?!?)…

Tip:  Bring cash with you

location: 291 Johnson Road, Palermo NY

298. Frightmare Farms

This is the “big” weekend before Halloween…you’re bound to see lots of people wandering the streets dressed as sharknados and miley cyrus. Should be fun!

Which means, this is one of the last weekends to go to a haunted house. As you know I featured some last week to get the ball rolling, the Trail of Terror, Screamers Hollow, Booville, The original trail of terror…and now Frightmare Farms.


This is no joke guys…going to frightmare farms might result in having to sleep with the lights on for a few weeks.

This is the last weekend for Frightmare. At $12 a ticket (or $1 off for student, EMS, police, Fire and military  with a valid ID) you get access to over 5000 ft of scary. Be prepared for the haunted of all haunted houses, the scariest of all scary halloween adventures…

Frightmare Farms is open Friday and Saturday from 7-10pm.

Tip: If you scare easily, ask for a candle!


Anyone going to the Zombie ball tomorrow?

297. Landmark Theater Ghost Hunt

Where has October gone? It’s almost over!

With that being said and last week being fright week there will still be a few haunting activities sprinkled in from now until Halloween.

The Landmark Theater is old…it’s really old… it’s gone through quite a few changes in the past (almost) 100 years…it was built in the 1920s and has seen all the changes throughout Syracuse… which means, it’s got a lot of stories to tell.


The ghost hunt is exactly what it sounds like, through the telling of stories & a spooky tour, you can have a chance to meet some of the oldest ghosts in all of Syracuse.

Remember that MTV show, Fear? Well…I used to think that was the coolest idea…setting up in an abandoned hospital, or jail and experiencing some paranormal activity…until I became terrified of ghosts and I’m now scared of the dark.

BUT, it’s still really cool to think that there’s tons of history alive in Landmark! What a great way to get to know your city, and have a fun night out with friends!


It’s Saturday October 26th from 5:30-8:30. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the Landmark Theater Box Office…or check out this deal for 50% off!

Tip: Stick around afterwards for the Zombie Ball starting at 8:30

location: Landmark Theater

285. Enchanted Beaver Lake

Today is Apple Fest! If you’re not there, you need to drop everything and go!! Everyone is going, you’ll have FOMO if you don’t head out there!

Enchanted Beaver Lake displays more than 500 specially carved jack-o-lanterns.


It is Thursday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 27 from 6-8:30 p.m.

It will illuminate the night sky while you get your fortune read, face painted and watch a magic show.

This is a great event for families.

Tip: $3 per person, $5 parking (advanced sale) $10 parking day of

278. Fright Night At The Fair

October is a spooky month. With all of the Halloween around it’s always cool to give yourself a bit of a fright…which is why you should check out Fright Night at the Fair.

Fright night is every Friday, Saturday & Sunday through October.


Be prepared to be scared silly with spooky halloween monsters! They’ve got haunted hayrides, clown prisons, creepy dungeons and scary haunted houses. This is certainly one of those things that you would want to gather a group of friends to come with you & do! Tickets are $20 for an all inclusive scary evening!

Tip: Follow Fright Night on facebook for more details!

location: NYS Fairgrounds