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299. The Last Ride

This is the last stop for spooky halloween haunted houses for 2013… I’m cutting myself off after this one. I can’t handle it anymore!

The Last Ride is one of those places where you honestly think that you might be on your last ride. The haunted hayride is probably one of the most frightening things in Syracuse…

hayride 003

With the trail of terror 1 & 2, screamers hollow, booville, and frightmare farms, and fright night at the fair, Syracuse is really on top of their trying to really scare you and make it count game.

The last ride is open friday – sunday from 7pm-12am. $9 for the hayride, $8 for the haunted house, $15 combo ticket & $14 for a hearse ride (really?!?)…

Tip:  Bring cash with you

location: 291 Johnson Road, Palermo NY

293. Tim’s Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween just 11 days away, it’s time to get those pumpkins carved! One of my favorite snacks is roasted pumpkin seeds…deeeelicious!

They always taste best when they come straight from a pumpkin you’ve carved yourself.

A few days ago, a reader inquired about where to find the best pumpkin patch in Syracuse and I have to say without a doubt, Tim’s Pumpkin Patch is my favorite.


ALSO, and this is a big ALSO, you can schedule a group bon-fire right there at Tim’s Pumpkin patch! They start the fire for you, supply the wood & you can accommodate up to 30 people!!

There’s a corn maze, a petting zoo, a wagon ride and more…seriously, if you’re looking for a Pumpkin excursion, this is the place!


Tim’s Pumpkin Patch is open 7 days a week 9am-6pm & they accept credit cards.

There’s a lot of really good baked goods! Try checking them out!!

Tip: This is a pet friendly area, just as long as your dog is on a leash!

Location: 2901 Rose Hill Rd Marietta, NY 13110

292. Zombie Ball

Fright week is coming to a close, and what better than to have a ball to celebrate!

The Zombie Ball is next weekend, October 26th at 8:30pm. Hosted by K-Rock, it’ll be a great evening full of fun, dancing and drinks!

They’ll have live music, a dance party, zombie trivia, costume contests, and more!

Tip: Tickets are $32 and can be purchased here

Location: Landmark Theater

291. Midnight Showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The palace theater is playing a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show October 26th.


Along with Rocky Horror they’ll also be playing Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman at 10pm.

Doors open at 9:45 with a dance party from 11:15-11:59.

$10 for entry.

Tip: Lets do the time warp again!

location: Palace Theater

290. The Original Trail of Terror

With a few different trails of terror going on, this original one is unbeatable.

trail of terror


Im scared!

There are two shows available. An indoor and an outdoor. The indoor show is pitch black, with scary tunnels, acts and altogether terrifying things that will really have you crying. The outdoor trail is wooded, absolutely frightening and something that will give you nightmares.

The neat thing about this week, with it being fright week & all, is that I can talk about how crazy scary this stuff is and people will definitely be interested. Mostly because that’s exactly what we want to do, really terrify ourselves. Nothing says we’re human than a blood curdling scream.

Ticket prices vary. General admission is $3, but to participate in the different activities it costs more. Check here for more info!

Tip: Cash only

location: 475 Clifford Road, Fulton NY

289. Screamers’ Hollow

The Renaissance Festival may be closed, but the grounds are being use for a very different reason these days.

They’ve transformed the Ren Fest into a haunted village full of crazy-scary looking demons, haunted walks, hayrides, corn mazes, and more! There are a lot of attractions.

Screamers Hollow

It’s seriously scary.

It’s open Every Friday & Saturday from 7pm-12am.

Tip: Ticket prices vary, check them out here & even purchase online.


288. Trail of Terror

Fright Week is here, and it’s in full swing! So many frightening things to do in October, not enough time!

The Trail of Terror is exactly that…terrifying. You could be walking on the “trail” and someone might jump out at you, and you might pee your pants with fear…I’m just sayin…

trail of terror

When you see a sign that says “Enter at Your Own Risk” you know they mean business. Like, you can’t go if you’re pregnant!

It’s held at the Syracuse Kickball Park, right by Sharkey’s on Route 57.

Questions? Check out their website for more information.

Open Fridays 7-11pm
Open Saturdays & Sundays 7-10pm

Tip: It’s $7 per person, CASH ONLY.

location: Syracuse kickball park  7192 Oswego Road

287. Zombie Crawl

Getting dressed up as a zombie transforms you from a normal looking human being to just the complete opposite.

I remember seeing all these scary looking zombie’s walking around my neighborhood last year and being completely confused…but now I know why!

They were doing the zombie crawl.

zombie crawl

It is this Saturday, October 19th starting at 7:30.

Dress up like a zombie and head to all of the bars in that area, Rosies, Blarney Stone, Colemans…you name it. People get REALLY into this!

Tip: Starts at Blarney Stone (that bar is cash only, FYI!)

286. Booville

This week is dedicated to all of the scary things going on in Syracuse!



The old Eckard building has been empty for years…but now, they’ve reopened the building and transformed it from old pharmacy & convenience store to a terrifying village of scary things.

And afterwards, you can stop at the diner & get some clam chowder! (my favorite!)

It’s open from Friday-Sunday starting at 6pm.
Prices are $10 for 1 event or $18 for all 3. (there are 3 haunted houses!)

This weekend it’s Wine & Spirits night! I’ll be there…sign me up! WINE? Yeah, that’s the only way I’ll be attending one of these scary house things…

Tip: Check the website for the different fun activities going on each weekend in October!

285. Enchanted Beaver Lake

Today is Apple Fest! If you’re not there, you need to drop everything and go!! Everyone is going, you’ll have FOMO if you don’t head out there!

Enchanted Beaver Lake displays more than 500 specially carved jack-o-lanterns.


It is Thursday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 27 from 6-8:30 p.m.

It will illuminate the night sky while you get your fortune read, face painted and watch a magic show.

This is a great event for families.

Tip: $3 per person, $5 parking (advanced sale) $10 parking day of