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286. Booville

This week is dedicated to all of the scary things going on in Syracuse!



The old Eckard building has been empty for years…but now, they’ve reopened the building and transformed it from old pharmacy & convenience store to a terrifying village of scary things.

And afterwards, you can stop at the diner & get some clam chowder! (my favorite!)

It’s open from Friday-Sunday starting at 6pm.
Prices are $10 for 1 event or $18 for all 3. (there are 3 haunted houses!)

This weekend it’s Wine & Spirits night! I’ll be there…sign me up! WINE? Yeah, that’s the only way I’ll be attending one of these scary house things…

Tip: Check the website for the different fun activities going on each weekend in October!

278. Fright Night At The Fair

October is a spooky month. With all of the Halloween around it’s always cool to give yourself a bit of a fright…which is why you should check out Fright Night at the Fair.

Fright night is every Friday, Saturday & Sunday through October.


Be prepared to be scared silly with spooky halloween monsters! They’ve got haunted hayrides, clown prisons, creepy dungeons and scary haunted houses. This is certainly one of those things that you would want to gather a group of friends to come with you & do! Tickets are $20 for an all inclusive scary evening!

Tip: Follow Fright Night on facebook for more details!

location: NYS Fairgrounds