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350. Danzers

Only 15 days left in 2013… time really has flown by.

I feel a little guilty for counting down until 2014. You never really want to wish time away.

Danzer's Restaurant. Dick Blume / The Post-StandardI work over by Danzers…it’s sort of hidden off Brighton Ave…have you ever been there? It’s pretty good German food…and in this area, where are the people saying “I wish i could have some spaetzle!” I don’t hear it often..but when I do I tell them to go to Danzers.

Their menu is chalk full of authentic German/American food, including what I’ve heard is quite possibly the best Reuben in all of CNY…if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Danzers is open daily at 11am, just in time for the lunch crowd…and don’t worry about it’s location. It’s squeezed between some factory buildings and there’s always a semi-truck or two in the parking lot…2 very important factors in determining whether something is a must-go-to gem or not.

Tip: If you’re not a fan of the Reuben, try the hot turkey sandwich!

Location: 153 Ainsley Dr, Syracuse, NY 13210

307. Taste NY Harvest Fest

It’s no surprise we all love to eat and drink.

The Taste NY Harvest Fest started yesterday and continues today starting at 10am at the NY State Fairgrounds.


There will be cheese, wine, distilleries, jams, mustards, sweets, produce, etc! Make sure you go to get a taste of all NY has to offer!

Tickets are $20 at the door.

Tip: Come hungry!

location: NY State Fairgrounds

259. Strong Hearts Cafe

This suggestion comes by way of a reader, who sent me the nicest email giving praise and thanks for 365 Things Syracuse. It was so incredibly comforting to know that I’ve got some really awesome followers to my blog!

Strong Hearts Cafe is awesome.


Hands down, there’s no other way to describe this place.

The ambiance is awesome, the food is awesome, the choices are awesome, it’s just plain awesome.

And did I mention it’s completely vegan? Yep, that’s right! Here in our small city we’ve got a fully vegan cafe, and it serves food to die for!

The about page on their website says it all, No plastic products, no styrofoam, no meat, no dairy, and all comes from local sources. Thats the true definition of local food, and that’s what I love about it so much!

Their menu also has some really awesome treats on it, like ….pizza! A Vegan pizza! I’d love to try one of those! I tried the Tofu Scramble for breakfast and you would have never known the difference. Whether you’ve never tried vegan food or you have, this place is seriously somewhere to check out! They’re open late, mostly between midnight & 1am during the week. This makes it a perfect place to study or read a book well into the evening.

Tip: Follow them on facebook for specials and awesome up to the minute events!

location: 719 E Genesee Street

232. Sakanaya & Namu All You Can Eat Sushi

This is not a joke.

All you can eat sushi.

Sakanaya and Namu have the best deal in town on Wednesdays.

sushiSakanaya and Namu are connected, but two very very different dining experiences. Namu is quiet and comfortable with warm ambiance whereas Sakanya is trendy and you can pick your sushi right from a conveyor belt! It’s actually kinda cool!

They’ve got A LOT to choose from, so definitely come hungry!

For $25 per person you get all the sushi you can possibly eat. It goes on all day, from open (11am) to close (10pm).

Does it honestly get any better than that? I think not. Oh yeah, mondays they have 1/2 price sushi and on Thursdays…they also have 1/2 price drinks!

Tip: Check out their facebook page!

location: Sakanaya & Namu 215 Walton Street

225. Laci’s Tapas Bar

Tapas defined is “light snacks or appetizers, usually eaten with drinks.” So when I heard about Laci’s Tapas Bar I was excited to try it out…

lacisSometimes when you’re out dining with your friends you see what they’ve ordered and you’re really wishing you had gotten the same thing…I know I have orders remorse 90% of the time I order something off the menu. I never know what to get! So when you go to Laci’s, the servings are just the right size that you can get more than one thing…try it all I say!

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos, Mac & Cheese Egg rolls, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Parmesan Scallops…are you drooling yet? If you aren’t, you should be! The menu is diverse and so delicious…everything on it is something you’ll want to try! They also have an extensive wine menu too…which is always fun to try out!

Tip: They are closed on Monday & Sunday!

location: 304 Hawley Avenue

107. Sampling Syracuse Food Tours

When it comes to Syracuse, there are a few things that are guaranteed. For starters, you can pretty much expect for one day in the spring to be snowy…that is a guarantee. You can drink for cheap, if you find the right spot…and the food here is delicious.

I’ve lived in a lot of places, but wherever I’ve lived I’ve always reflected on my favorite foods found right here in Syracuse. I’m also pretty sure everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The options here are endless. You could probably write a 365 Places to Eat in Syracuse blog without any problems..

We’re on the upswing here too, which is the best part. I was recently caught telling a friend how exciting it is to be a part of Syracuse through this new revitalization. We’re taking everything and just completely running with it…which is why I present to you today…The Sampling Syracuse Food Tours.

syracuse tours

For $36 you get a 2.5 hour tour of the hot spots to eat in Syracuse. It’s a walking tour to make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You get a chance to taste test from some of the best places in town to eat at, Like Kitty Hoynes, Freedom of Espresso, Dinosaur BBQ & more!

This is something that will open your eyes to a bunch of places you might not regularly try. If you’re from around here you can be reintroduced to some local hot spots, or if you’re new in town meet some people while trying some very delicious samples! If you’ve got any questions, their Frequently Asked Questions page has answers for everything…it was so informative, and I can’t wait to buy a ticket.

It’s exciting to know that there are so many people here willing to take a chance and try new things. This city is run by amazing people who are supportive and kind and innovative.

Check their facebook page for updates and info.

Tip: Tickets can only be purchased online, click here to buy them!

7. Cobblestone

I’m sure you’re all aware that Syracuse Basketball is an institution around town.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the team, there’s going to be a time during the season you will be at a bar and the game will be on TV.


Personally, I enjoy watching games at a local watering hole because of the excitement and the atmosphere. Which is why I suggest if you have a chance this season to make your way to The Cobblestone to watch a game.

Cobblestone has surround sound, a large projection screen to watch the games and an endless supply of peanuts for patrons.

When there’s an away game Cobblestone is one of my favorite places to be.

Syracuse’s next away game is against Providence on Jan 9th, tip off is at 7pm

Tip: They’ve got some of the best wings in town!

Location: The Corner of Tulip St & 1st St. in Liverpool.

4. Gordon Biersch


Syracuse is not limited to it’s delicious foods, and you’ll find that out as we highlight some of the best restaurants this fine city has to offer throughout the year.  One of the newest restaurants to come to Syracuse is Gordon Biersch. Located in the newest addition to DestiNY, in what is referred to as “The Canyon,” Gordon Biersch is a welcoming brewery pub-style restaurant.

I had been to Gordon Biersch when I lived in Annapolis, MD and was excited when they announced one would be coming to Syracuse.  One of the coolest parts about this restaurant is the in-house brewery, meaning all of the beer is brewed on the property, and each has a unique craft flavor.

I recently went to Gordon Biersch after the holidays with my family and was very satisfied with the staff , the food and the atmosphere.  I had a couple (a few…) glasses of the Blonde Bock, which turned out to be just as good as our server had said it would be.

Tip: The garlic fries are delicious! (and so is the blue crab artichoke dip, and the lobster mac and cheese…)

Beer Menu