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273. Jamesville Farmers Market

With the new season comes a whole new set of produce. We’re so lucky to live in an agriculturally rich area where we get to try a variety of new fruits and veggies with the changing seasons!


Jamesville Farmers Market is small, but it’s so convenient and well worth checking out. It is every Thursday with It’s last week being October 10th so go before it shuts down for the season!

You should stop by on your way home from work and pick up some something fresh for dinner! They’re open until 7:30pm.

Tip: The market will be operating regardless of weather

location: Jamesville Firehouse 6486 East Seneca Turnpike

197. Baldwinsville Farmers Market


There’s a farmer’s market almost every day of the week here in Syracuse, whether you’re headed out to Marcellus, downtown or the Regional Market, you’ve got a lot of options…

There’s a lot of really awesome things to pick up at Farmers Markets…and for cheap too!

The B’ville Farmers Market is awesome. It’s on a tiny patch of land in the center of town, vendors come and set up their tables, they’ve got local produce from all over, jewelry, food trucks, bbq, you name it!

Parking is free, it’s right behind the B’ville Diner…

It’s every Wednesday from 3-6:30pm (roughly) through October. Stop in, meet the local farmers at their tables, play some games set up in the center of the park, browse the candles, trinkets, wines, and enjoy dinner at some of the various tables and trucks set up.

Tip: There’s tons of stuff all around, but my suggestion…look for the Thousand Island Winery table, they’ve got some great wines!

location: Baldwinsville Village Square (right behind the B’ville Diner)

188. Marcellus Open Air Market

The Marcellus Open Air Market, or creatively referred to as MOAM is a small farmers market every Thursday in June-August at Marcellus Park from 3:30-7:30pm.


This is one of those awesome little gems. If you can’t make it to the Regional Market on the weekend, or the Downtown Farmers Market on Tuesday, why not head to the MOAM on Thursday? It’s got everything you need.

They have vendors that sell fruits & veggies, meats, wines and cheeses, and so much more! They’ve also got some live music too, because what is a Syracuse summer w/o live music everywhere, right?! This is a really great family treat, and I highly recommend it.

Tip: They’re constantly adding new vendors, follow them on facebook for more information!

location: 2443 Platt Road, Marcellus NY

161. Downtown Farmers Market

The Regional Market is a great place to find fresh produce, and lots of homegrown and local goodies, but it’s only open on the weekends…and what if you need something on a Tuesday?


Have no fear.

One of the really awesome things about Austin was their farmers market during the week…it was located in the city, you could hit it up on your lunch break…it was awesome. When I moved to back Syracuse I casually mentioned this to my friend and she said we had something like that too!

Cue my excitement.

Every Tuesday throughout June-October from 7am-4pm is the downtown farmers market. Here local farmers come to sell their produce along with flowers, and other foods. This is a great mix up to the regular run of the mill lunch hour, and it does get pretty crowded! This is definitely one of those fun things to do in Syracuse!

Tip: Occasionally there’s live entertainment too!

Location: Clinton Square

152. The Farmer’s Market

Something that is important to a lot of people here in Syracuse is the Support Local initiative.  It’s important to support the local economy, and especially important to see small businesses thrive in our fine city through community support!

the Regional Market

One of my favorite (favorite!) things to do, especially when the weather is nice, is to go to the Farmer’s Market at the Regional Market. On a typical Saturday morning throughout the months of June-August (mostly), you can see me following behind my parents as I patiently wait for them to offer to buy me some fruits and veggies…the perks of living in the same city as your parents for 100, Alex.

regional market

The majority of the vendors hail from local farms, selling their fruits and veggies and meats and cheeses and products, etc etc… at an affordable price. I love talking to the people who work the stands, they’ve been doing this for a long time, they’re familiar with what sells fast…they’re honest and hardworking…and I really appreciate that. Last year, I found the most delicious hummus at a stand…and this year, I’m on a mission to find it again!

The Farmer’s Market at the Regional Market is open Thursdays from 7am-2pm (May-November) and Saturdays 7am-2pm (year round).

Tip: My suggestion? Get there early…lots of the best stuff goes fast…this place really picks up by 10am.

location: 2100 Park Street, Syracuse, NY 13208