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359. IMAX Theater

Merry Christmas, Syracuse!

I’ll keep this brief.

I really wanted to do something today that people can actually do…but since it’s Christmas, everywhere is closed!

Obviously the bar might open later on, but what about AFTER dinner?

Well, my family loves to go see movies…

With the new mall expansion, came an IMAX theater that is state of the art awesome!

So, why not go check out a movie today!

Tip: Show times are here.

location: DestiNY


353. World of Beer

Has anyone been to DestiNY lately? A) Parking is not as bad as I thought (kudos to you, parking lot people…) B) There’s a whole bunch of fun happening there.

Just this week, World of Beer had their grand opening…and I’ve already been there twice!

WOBWho woulda thought… But this is why…

They’ve got Fort Collins Brewery there…and there’s live music..and really great pub fare…it’s quickly going to become the #1 hot spot in Syracuse…so that’s cool.

While I love my traditional bars, like Kitty Hoynes, Als, Colemans, Blue Tusk and the like, WOB sure has a lot to offer! Like…there’s A LOT of beer there… on tap, in bottles…there’s just beer everywhere.

world-of-beerMy friends have been participating in the “Mall Beer Crawl” …I think that’s the unofficial name. It’s where you go taste drinks from each bar/restaurant in the mall… and as the mall expands, the Mall Beer Crawl keeps getting longer and longer… and World of Beer is somewhere that will quickly be added to the official list, because it’s awesome.

Tip: It’s general seating, just gotta look out for an open table and grab it before someone else does! The place will always be busy.

location: Destiny

316. Revolutions

We’re really on the map, people.

Revolutions is a cool adult bar/restaurant. Their menu is out of this world!

Check out their facebook page for more details & specials!

There’s a small arcade in the front but in the back there’s 2 bars, bowling and pool. It’s definitely a fun place to meet up with your friends on a weekend night and improve that bowling game!!

revolutionsTip: Bowling during the week is $3.75 a game. Weekends are crazy, last Saturday it was a 2 hour wait for a lane!

location: Destiny

251. Dave and Busters

Who says adults can’t have fun?

No one. That’s who!


Dave and Busters has come to DestiNY and it’s so much fun! Has anyone gone yet? It’s relatively new…and it’s completely different.

There’s a little kid in all of us and that little kid loves arcade games!

Dave and Busters is a great place to watch all those NFL games…Go Bills! (yes, i just went there!). They’ve even got specials on game day. 22oz Bud Light Drafts for $3?! Sign me up!

Here’s my suggestion, last year I went downtown to try to watch some NFL games and a lot of the bars were closed on Sunday. Which, I don’t know what the heck was going on. The best spots to watch the games are not in Armory Square, and it’s my intention to find some really awesome spots with a lot of TVs to make sure you stay up-to-the-minute with your fantasy team!

They’ve got a cool happy hour special too!

Tip: Visit their website and get a coupon for a $10 game play

location: DestiNY

230. Funny Bone

Everyone loves a really great laugh…I don’t think anyone has ever said, “I really just hate laughter.” If they do…they’re very strange & should seek medical help.

funny bone

I love going to comedy clubs. And, we’ve got a lot of talented comedians in this city so there’s a lot of options for us!

Funny Bone Comedy Club is exactly what you’d think it is. It’s hilarious, it’s a great time, it’s entertaining! You can get dinner at the mall somewhere and then pop on over to Funny Bone for a show on a Friday night!

Their event calendar is packed with hilarious shows, from female comedians to comedy showcases…they’ve got something for everyone. If I were to go on a date with someone, I’d want them to take me to a comedy club…it’s perfect. No awkwardness (unless you’re getting mad fun of), and you really get to tell if the person taking you out has a similar sense of humor. Tickets can be purchased here for all shows.

Tip: Food and drinks are available before and during every show.

Location: DestiNY

220. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar

With the ever changing interior scenery of DestiNY, we’re bound to get some big name restaurants coming through…rumor has it a Cheesecake Factory should be arriving within the year –more on that later!

Toby Keith’s is one of those bars that a lot of people have heard about and everyone who has gone has had one thing to say about it — Intense.


When you think of Upstate NY you probably don’t think of country bars, cowboy hats and twangy southern music…but we’re all of that. We have our urban, suburban AND rural cowboys that just love a good cheeseburger and some country music. Which is why Toby Keith’s is a great place to go to.

From Sunday-Thursday they’ve got late night happy hour from 9pm-Close which consists of some pretty fantastic drink specials.

& they always have some sort of live music special later in the week…check out their event schedule for live bands…they’re always pretty impressive!

It’s a pretty entertaining establishment! Even the food is good!

Tip: Kids eat free on mondays!

location: DestiNY USA

199. Gordon Biersch Eggs & Kegs

When I lived in Fort Collins, the morning of the big Brew Fest we’d hold a party.

It was titled; Kegs & Eggs… how original right? We would supply the keg, you had to bring your own eggs…we even had a friend (an aspiring chef!) who made everyone their own eggs…it was awesome.

eggs and kegs

When I heard that the morning after the Empire Brewfest, Gordon Biersch is holding an eggs & kegs party I almost cried from excitement!

For $36.95 you get breakfast & unlimited beer from 11am-1pm at Gordon Biersch. The breakfast alone is something that will attract tons of people… Banana Walnut French Toast & eggs of course …talk about delicious!

Tip: Tickets are limited…buy them here!

location: Gordon Biersch, DestiNY USA