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138. Coleman’s Block Party Kickoff


One of my very favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the Coleman’s Block Parties…and they’re free to attend (drinks will be for sale.)

They’re a lot of fun. People (21+, obviously) from all over town usually head to Coleman’s between 6’ish-2am on Thursday’s and they hang out in the Coleman’s Pavilion, listen to live music, drink some beers, dance around, mingle, etc… You can grab your drinks inside or outside, they’ve got a variety under the pavilion, too! Just make sure you’ve got cash on you!

This goes on every Thursday throughout the summer.

You can expect quite the crowd on Tipp Hill tonight…not to mention, all of the college students have gone home for the summer, so the huge 21 year old crowds die down and they begin to attract the mid-20’ish crowd.

Tonight they’ll have live music from Coleman’s favorites, Mere Mortals from 6-10pm & also The Boatmen from 10-1:30am.

Tip: Parking is hard to find on Tipp Hill these nights, beware of the parking rules, Odd & even day’s alternate sides.

location: Coleman’s Pavilion

108. Tipp Hill Bluegrass Festival

Tipp Hill is home to some great local bars, activities, and festivals. Throughout the year you’ll learn that they’ve got something going on for the people of Syracuse. So exciting!

bluegrass fest

This weekend they’ve got their Bluegrass Festival. They’ll have 6 totally awesome bands playing in the Pavilion. They’ll have live music and booze throughout the day and inside you can grab a bite to eat, or just come in from the cold/rain/sun…whatever the weather decides to be like for that day.

Tickets are $14.20 and can be purchased here.

Tip: The festival starts at 4, but I suggest getting there early to find a spot to park. Now that the weather is nice, a lot of people will be out and about and it’s bound to be crowded!

location: Coleman’s Pavilion

75. Coleman’s

I know I’ve featured a few other Coleman’s activities before, like trivia, the Winter Warmer Beer Fest, and Green Beer Sunday to name a few…but in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I think it’s an obvious choice.

Coleman’s is one of my favorite bars around town…not only because it’s authentically Irish (outside they’ve got a small phone booth & door for Leprechauns)  & within walking distance to my house, but for a variety of other reasons as well. They’ve got great bartenders, a young professional crowd, a neighborhood feel, great events, live music, a variety of great beers on tap, a huge selection of whiskey, free popcorn (!!!), the list goes on…

colemans phonebooths

I am partial to Irish pubs here in Syracuse though, I’m a huge fan of Kitty Hoyne’s & Blarney Stone and frequent Coleman’s regularly. I especially like how they’ve got a framed picture of FDR behind the bar…


St. Patrick’s Day at Coleman’s is the definition of a green celebration. It’s what the bar has been waiting for all year. They’ve been serving green beer for a few weeks and they’re ready to tap the keg. Their menu offers a variety of Irish food choices as well, their Reuben is delicious!

You can even buy t-shirts to celebrate the occasion.

Tip: They’ve got great dirty girl scout shots! Perfect for St. Patty’s day celebrations!



64. Coleman’s Trivia

Question: What river forms much of the border between Canada and New England?

Being from New York, most of you, I expect you to know that the answer is the St. Lawrence River….y’all.

Trivia questions are difficult…I will admit, I get maybe 46% of them right…but playing trivia with friends is so much fun. Each (and almost) every Monday you can find me & some friends at Kitty Hoynes trivia. We have won, we have lost…but each time we have fun.

So, imagine my excitement when I realized that there’s basically trivia every night around town! Tuesday’s trivia is at Coleman’s.


Hosted by The Syracuse Trivia Company, they attract teams — sometimes as many as 9 players, to partake in the chance of becoming the smartest people in the neighborhood one day a week. Which, if you’re ever feeling like you’re not that smart…just win trivia…you’ll immediately feel like you can change the world, one factoid at a time.

Coleman’s trivia sign-up starts at 8pm on Tuesdays (it’s free to play!), but you might want to get there a little early to grab a bowl of popcorn, a drink & a table. Here are the rules on how to play.

Tip: Click here to figure out how to win bonus points!

48. Green Beer Sunday

I was told by my neighbors on Tipp Hill that Green Beer Sunday is a celebration to make accommodations for in your schedule, which is why I’m posting it early!

It is actually not until February 24th, but the sign has been up at Coleman’s for a few weeks now. It is important to put it in (green) ink on your calendar…this is an event NOT to be missed in Syracuse. Thousand’s of people come to celebrate this event each year without fail. It is a giant celebration of friendship, tradition and Syracuse, you can even buy t-shirts!

The green beer tradition at Coleman’s on Tipp Hill is widely recognized throughout the city as a sign that St. Patrick’s day celebrations shall commence. This year will be no different than other years, there will be a parade with Irish step dancers, bag pipers, and more followed by a huge tanker that will fill a keg with green beer that will last through St. Patrick’s day.

green beer

It’s a completely free event to spectate and judging by the weather, and yesterdays Winter Warmer Beer Fest the nicest thing to know is that Spring is around the corner, and what better way to remind yourself of that than to celebrate!

Tip: It starts at noon, don’t be late! And don’t forget to wear Green!

47. Winter Warmer Beer Festival


For the past 3 years, the Winter Warmer Beer Festival has been a constant in Syracuse. People from all over the city come to enjoy some beer, food, live music…and it’s all outside.

Saturday Feb 16 from 1-8pm there will be food, drinks (brews from Middle Ages) and live music at the Coleman’s Pavilion. It’s free to attend this event….so unlike all those other brew festivals that charge you $30 just to walk around and hang out, this one is free to the public.

Luckily, this week we’ve had pretty decent weather. It’s been cold but there have been slow (and reassuring) signs of spring. Also, now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, we’re on the home stretch to St. Patrick’s Day (thank the lord!).  Today’s weather suggests there will be slight snow showers & cooler temps, but when has that ever stopped us here in Syracuse? Wear a hat, grab your coat and come drink some beers!

Tip: X Double India Pale Ale is delicious!