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34. The Egg Plant

Actually, it’s formally called The All Night Egg Plant…but us locals call it the Egg Plant.

Restaurants in the Eastern SuburbsEgg Plant-Dewitt

Brunch on a Sunday should have 2 things, hot coffee and good company. All of which can be found at The Egg Plant.

The Egg Plant, along with Stellas & a few others, were in the running for the best brunch in town hosted by Syracuse.com.  Which means two things, 1) it’s bound to be busy on a Sunday (so get there early!) and 2) it’s a good meal.

As I’ve said before, I am definitely an eggs-over-easy-with-toast type, but the people I dined with enjoyed everything from the Fretta to the pancakes. My only problem I had with The Egg Plant was that the onions in the home fries weren’t cooked which made for an awkward taste but that’s obviously an easy fix. The menu is incredibly diverse in the breakfast combinations category.

Tip: I’ve heard the Honey Bun’s are delicious!


Sidenote: In honor of the Super Bowl today, I hope that you’re all doing exactly what I am doing…hoping the Bills have a better season than their last…