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218. Borios

Nestled on the shores of Oneida Lake sits a mainstay in the Syracuse area. While, it’s not downtown…if you’ve mentioned it people always know what it is.

Whether you’ve been to Borios for dinner, brunch a holiday or a wedding you’re taken away by the scenery every time you go there. It’s perfect in the summertime, it’s got the lake right off the deck and you can go enjoy some sun and good company.


Their food is delicious too! Their dinner menu hits all the stops from salads to seafood. Sometimes with the addition of live music it’s the perfect place to go to on a warm summer night…check out their calendar for the events throughout the month.

I personally enjoy Borios, not just because of their clam chowder, but because it’s really great to escape the hustle and bustle of dining in Downtown Syracuse…it’s one of the few places around here I’ll drive 20 minutes to…the views alone are worth the trip! Not to mention, in my quest to find the best patio Borio’s ranks top 3!

borios patio

Tip: Check out their Brunch from 10:30-2 every Sunday

173. Lemon Grass

When it comes to dining in Syracuse, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for some Irish Pub fare, bar food, italian, you name it…we’ve got quite the cuisine.

It’s important however to diversify the options. Many times I’ll find one restaurant I really like dining at and I’ll just go there until I get sick of it…which, doesn’t do much for my own food diversity…but I mean, the scallops at Francesca’s are just so good…

A restaurant that is not only diverse in cultural options (pacific rim thai, is their specialty…) but also guaranteed to top the list of your favorite restaurants in town is Lemon Grass. I recently had a chance to sit down, informally, with the assistant manager of Lemon Grass and listening to describe the food sold me on the spot. She talked about the freshness of the flavors, her favorite dish, the variety, the ambiance, the drink menu

lemon grass

If you’re looking for one of those spots where you’ll be 100% satisfied with the atmosphere and the meal, to go to with a few girlfriends after a long week of working or to enjoy the nightlife in Syracuse before it get’s all wild & crazy on the weekends I suggest Lemon Grass.

They even have an incredible outdoor dining space too..and we all know how I feel about outdoor dining.

lemon grass outdoor

Tip: Reservations are strongly recommended.

location: 238 West Jefferson St

167. Francesca’s

Every once in a while you stumble upon a restaurant that blows away any expectation you may have had. You are introduced to new dishes, a new way of dining. Francesca’s is one of those places.

I recently went to Francesca’s with a few friends on a Friday night. Any old Friday night you can find us dining at one of the great restaurants here in town, but tonight was special. Tonight, the weather was perfect. There was no rain, no humdity, no snow (!!!). We were set on dining outdoors, a kickoff to the summer weather and obviously to enjoy some good company.


When I was guided outside by our hostess to the outdoor patio at Francesca’s I was completely blown away. It was this large, romantic space with a wall of vines and candles and lights and grass and a fire pit…it was a game changer.


We sat at our table, unaware that we were even in Syracuse, NY. It felt like we were in a bustling city, we kept saying that tt’s not every day you find something like this in Syracuse. And on my quest to find the best patio, Francesca’s wins hands down best outdoor dining experience in Syracuse. Without a doubt. I think if you’ve got a space to utilize, you should take a page from Francesca’s book…they’re doing everything right with their patio.

The menu is unreal, their stuffed peppers, utica greens, stuffed olives, seafood chowder, scallops, chicken parm…all of it, was just brilliant. Not to mention, the desserts are to die for. The Italian cuisine is authentic, you can’t go wrong with any of it! It was one of the best meals I’ve had all year, and I’ve been frequenting a lot of restaurants in the area because of this blog…so I’ve had a lot of meals.

I strongly recommend going to Francesca’s for a meal one of these nights…if you can, go during the summer months so you can enjoy the patio! Head out to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, friendship, love…make any excuse you can and go there. They are open throughout the week, until 10pm and closed on Sunday.

Tip: Reservations are strongly recommended. Their outdoor patio is one of the highlights of the dining experience and on the weekends it’s a long wait for a table. Get there early and enjoy a drink at the bar.

location: Little Italy, 545 North Salina Street

159. Blue Tusk

On my quest to find the best patio in Syracuse, I saved one of my all-time favorite bars for this.

When I started this blog a lot of people would ask me, “Why haven’t you featured Blue Tusk yet?” I didn’t want to tell people about Blue Tusk in the middle of February…then you can’t sit outside and enjoy a beer on the patio! Duh.

blue tusk

Blue Tusk is one of my favorite spots to go to in Armory Square. Hands down, they’ve got one of the best spots in town. I love their patio…it wraps around the building, it’s got a great vibe…any given day during the week you’ll see hoards of people enjoying one of the very fine craft beers and delicious food at Blue Tusk (It is really hard for me to point out what my favorite thing on the menu is…it’s all really really good). They usually have Clam Chowder on Friday…


This is one of those very visible gems downtown. One of those places that everyone wants to be at especially at 5pm on a Friday. It’s hip, cool, a lot of people enjoy going there, it gets kind of crowded but that’s all part of the atmosphere. They’ve got a great happy hour too! From 11-8pm they’ve got $1 off all 20oz pints & $10 off bottles of wine…sign me up! 

Their twitter is also really active, so if you’re looking for that certain brew, tweet to them…they’ll get back to you!…I’m still waiting for them to be the first place in CNY that has Fat Tire on tap….waiting….waiting….

I’m a huge fan of this place…every time I go downtown I try to stop in, even if it’s just for one drink. Some of my favorite evenings have started and/or ended at Blue Tusk.

Tip: Their food is great, and if you plan on having a meal there know that you’ve got to order at the counter and they’ll give you a buzzer when it’s ready.