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353. World of Beer

Has anyone been to DestiNY lately? A) Parking is not as bad as I thought (kudos to you, parking lot people…) B) There’s a whole bunch of fun happening there.

Just this week, World of Beer had their grand opening…and I’ve already been there twice!

WOBWho woulda thought… But this is why…

They’ve got Fort Collins Brewery there…and there’s live music..and really great pub fare…it’s quickly going to become the #1 hot spot in Syracuse…so that’s cool.

While I love my traditional bars, like Kitty Hoynes, Als, Colemans, Blue Tusk and the like, WOB sure has a lot to offer! Like…there’s A LOT of beer there… on tap, in bottles…there’s just beer everywhere.

world-of-beerMy friends have been participating in the “Mall Beer Crawl” …I think that’s the unofficial name. It’s where you go taste drinks from each bar/restaurant in the mall… and as the mall expands, the Mall Beer Crawl keeps getting longer and longer… and World of Beer is somewhere that will quickly be added to the official list, because it’s awesome.

Tip: It’s general seating, just gotta look out for an open table and grab it before someone else does! The place will always be busy.

location: Destiny

198. Empire Brewers Festival

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year!

I know I basically say that every weekend, but this weekend I mean it!

We’ve got the Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale…the Empire Brewfest and lots more!


The Empire Brewfest is one of the biggest in the state, with lots of really great breweries from all over the country coming to town and setting up shop in Clinton Square Friday July 19th from 5:30-10pm. They’ve got wine, beer, fun, food, etc… it’s going to be a great event…right in the center of our very own city! I’m so excited.

Tickets are reasonably priced at $35 before the day and $45 at the door (I suggest buying them early, here). Or you can buy all your tickets at Wegmans (love that store…). Good news for the sober friend, your ticket is only $5, and you get to sleep soundly at night knowing you helped your friends get home safe! You’re awesome!

There’s tons of breweries participating, from Abita to Yuengling there’s something in there for any kind of beer lover.

I’m especially excited for this because the weather should hold out, we should have a great time and it’s a chance to get out and enjoy the great city of Syracuse! 3 stars in my book!

Tip: Not a fan of beer? No worries, they’ll have a mini wine trail there too…you can test out some local wineries! Tickets are at a separate price.

location: clinton square

159. Blue Tusk

On my quest to find the best patio in Syracuse, I saved one of my all-time favorite bars for this.

When I started this blog a lot of people would ask me, “Why haven’t you featured Blue Tusk yet?” I didn’t want to tell people about Blue Tusk in the middle of February…then you can’t sit outside and enjoy a beer on the patio! Duh.

blue tusk

Blue Tusk is one of my favorite spots to go to in Armory Square. Hands down, they’ve got one of the best spots in town. I love their patio…it wraps around the building, it’s got a great vibe…any given day during the week you’ll see hoards of people enjoying one of the very fine craft beers and delicious food at Blue Tusk (It is really hard for me to point out what my favorite thing on the menu is…it’s all really really good). They usually have Clam Chowder on Friday…


This is one of those very visible gems downtown. One of those places that everyone wants to be at especially at 5pm on a Friday. It’s hip, cool, a lot of people enjoy going there, it gets kind of crowded but that’s all part of the atmosphere. They’ve got a great happy hour too! From 11-8pm they’ve got $1 off all 20oz pints & $10 off bottles of wine…sign me up! 

Their twitter is also really active, so if you’re looking for that certain brew, tweet to them…they’ll get back to you!…I’m still waiting for them to be the first place in CNY that has Fat Tire on tap….waiting….waiting….

I’m a huge fan of this place…every time I go downtown I try to stop in, even if it’s just for one drink. Some of my favorite evenings have started and/or ended at Blue Tusk.

Tip: Their food is great, and if you plan on having a meal there know that you’ve got to order at the counter and they’ll give you a buzzer when it’s ready.


86. Middle Ages Brewing Company

Now that we’re (possibly…but not positively) on our way to nicer weather, a lot of people want to start doing things outside, downtown, with friends, etc… Enough of this hibernation, let’s get out and dance or run or enjoy this city!

Something that was a big indicator of Spring when I was in college in Fort Collins was grabbing a group of friends and heading to the numerous breweries in town. Here in Syracuse, Middle Ages Brewing Company is on tap at almost every single bar, they’re present at every single festival, and they do a lot for the community. But, did you know that you can go right to the source and taste all of the beers they offer, for free?!

middle ages logo

Free seems to be an underlying theme these past few days…

At the actual brewery, which is a former Ice Cream factory (…uh, awesome!!), there’s a comfortable and middle-age’s-like feel to it; with a knight standing in the corner & everything!


They’re open 11:30-6 throughout the week and 11:30-5 on Saturdays, and 12-5 on Sundays. During that time you can head inside, test out the beers, buy some merchandise from t-shirts, to your favorite brew, to signs, etc…

This is a really fun activity to do with your friends, it’s something that is a lot of fun. Then afterwards you can head downtown to lunch to any of the various awesome restaurants in Armory Square or Hanover Square.

Tip: My personal favorite Middle Ages brew is the Impaled Ale.

location: 120 Wilkinson Street Syracuse, NY 13204

(Must be 21+ to enjoy tasting the beers)

47. Winter Warmer Beer Festival


For the past 3 years, the Winter Warmer Beer Festival has been a constant in Syracuse. People from all over the city come to enjoy some beer, food, live music…and it’s all outside.

Saturday Feb 16 from 1-8pm there will be food, drinks (brews from Middle Ages) and live music at the Coleman’s Pavilion. It’s free to attend this event….so unlike all those other brew festivals that charge you $30 just to walk around and hang out, this one is free to the public.

Luckily, this week we’ve had pretty decent weather. It’s been cold but there have been slow (and reassuring) signs of spring. Also, now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, we’re on the home stretch to St. Patrick’s Day (thank the lord!).  Today’s weather suggests there will be slight snow showers & cooler temps, but when has that ever stopped us here in Syracuse? Wear a hat, grab your coat and come drink some beers!

Tip: X Double India Pale Ale is delicious!


32. CNY Brewers Festival

Here’s what I’ve learned about Syracuse so far… we love our Jazz, we deal with the snow, and we live for a good brew.

This weekend at the NYS Fairgrounds is the 17th annual CNY Brewers Festival. There will be over 50 (50!!) different breweries featuring their craft brews for tasting. You’ll be able to compare IPA’s, Hops, Amber Ales…you name it!


When going to school in Fort Collins, I was seriously spoiled with some amazing breweries right there in the town, craft breweries like New Belgium, Odell’s & Fort Collins Brewery were everywhere. Brew tours were a favorite past-time for us seasoned-undergrads.

Living in Austin it was very much the same, 512 has some great brews…which is why I am yet to be disappointed when it comes to Syracuse & their craft brewery culture. In the downtown area alone we’ve got Empire Brewing, Syracuse Suds and just a short walk from Armory Square is Middle Ages brewery. It makes me feel like a kid again…

Some brewers will be familiar, like Middle Ages, Lake Placid, Suds, Saranac and some will be new like New Planet (from Colorado!), and Founders. So, regardless of what you’re comfortable with or if you’re willing to go out and try some new brews, this event is for you.

Tickets are $30 advanced sale, $35 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: Middle Ages Brewing Co.,  The Blue Tusk , Empire Brewing,  Syracuse Suds Factory, Pooch’s Bar (Solvay), Brilbeck’s Corner Market  & Party Source.

Tip: The brewfest runs in 2 sessions, 1-4pm & 6-9pm.

more info here

4. Gordon Biersch


Syracuse is not limited to it’s delicious foods, and you’ll find that out as we highlight some of the best restaurants this fine city has to offer throughout the year.  One of the newest restaurants to come to Syracuse is Gordon Biersch. Located in the newest addition to DestiNY, in what is referred to as “The Canyon,” Gordon Biersch is a welcoming brewery pub-style restaurant.

I had been to Gordon Biersch when I lived in Annapolis, MD and was excited when they announced one would be coming to Syracuse.  One of the coolest parts about this restaurant is the in-house brewery, meaning all of the beer is brewed on the property, and each has a unique craft flavor.

I recently went to Gordon Biersch after the holidays with my family and was very satisfied with the staff , the food and the atmosphere.  I had a couple (a few…) glasses of the Blonde Bock, which turned out to be just as good as our server had said it would be.

Tip: The garlic fries are delicious! (and so is the blue crab artichoke dip, and the lobster mac and cheese…)

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