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357. Baldwinsville Theater Guild

While we’re all aware that this place has some serious arts going on…from live music, to live productions, comedy, song and dance…there are a lot of VERY talented people here.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Baldwinsville, and I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the course of this year I featured a lot of cool things happening there. From the farmers markets, Beaver Lake, Paper Mill Island, The B’ville Diner…it’s just a quaint town perfect for people of all ages.

The Baldwinsville Theater Guild is putting on a live performance of everyone’s favorite Broadway show, Les Miserables.

bvilletheaterThe actual performances don’t start until January 24th but, considering this blog ends on December 31st, I thought it was important to promote it!

Tickets are $22 pre-sale, $25 at the door & $20 for students, call 315-887-8465 for tickets

Tip: Sera Bullis is performing in this production, she also sang at the US Open!

location: 64 Oswego Street

320. Sammy Malone’s

For all you people who wonder what the heck Baldwinsville is all about, you should know the the nightlife is not so bad!

There are a bunch of bars and restaurants that are always jam packed on the weekend evenings.  With Thanksgiving coming up and friends and family returning to town the one stop I know I need to make is to Sammy Malone’s. (I even think I’m the DJ on the Touch Tunes app there…)


My family loves Sammy’s.  Im not kidding.

Sammy’s has a wide selection of beer, great views of the river, and plenty of seating for game nights…but the one thing that they’ve got that I have not found anywhere else in Syracuse is the best salad.

The salads at Sammy’s are amazing. Not only are they huge but you can legitimately add the entire kitchen sink…from chicken to strawberries they’ve got options galore. I dream about those salads! Also, their cheeseburger soup is the best I’ve had in all of CNY!

Tip: Check out their list of draught beers, they’ve got tons!

location: 2 Oswego St, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

286. Booville

This week is dedicated to all of the scary things going on in Syracuse!



The old Eckard building has been empty for years…but now, they’ve reopened the building and transformed it from old pharmacy & convenience store to a terrifying village of scary things.

And afterwards, you can stop at the diner & get some clam chowder! (my favorite!)

It’s open from Friday-Sunday starting at 6pm.
Prices are $10 for 1 event or $18 for all 3. (there are 3 haunted houses!)

This weekend it’s Wine & Spirits night! I’ll be there…sign me up! WINE? Yeah, that’s the only way I’ll be attending one of these scary house things…

Tip: Check the website for the different fun activities going on each weekend in October!

279. Abbotts Farms Fall Festivals

Along with Beak and Skiff being pretty standard for apple picking, Abbotts farms also has some pretty fun events happening at their orchard as well.


They’ve got a series throughout the fall called the Fall Festival. Each weekend through the end of October they have a series of fun events going on from corn mazes to apple picking and more!  They even make apple cider on the property, and you can get a chance to watch them press it right there!

This is a great weekend activity in Syracuse! Admission is $6.

Tip: Open Saturday 10-6pm and Sundays 1-6pm

location: Abbotts Farms, Baldwinsville NY

254. Oktoberfest

Last week I posted about a specific event at Oktoberfest. But today, we’re touching on the fantastic celebration that is Oktoberfest!


The neat thing about all these festivals is that they revolve with the seasons and months. Soon we will put away our flip flops and exchange them for boots and participate in fall and winter festivals. My favorites of these festivals vary from year to year but this year I am most excited to participate in Oktoberfest.

There are a few Oktoberfest celebrations and each is incredibly unique. But, any fest with a 5k evening run, a pushball tournament and A LOT of food and drink is one to check out!

The Baldwinsville Oktoberfest is this weekend, September 13-14th from 4-11pm on Friday and 5-11pm on Saturday. There will be plenty of live music and community events. INCLUDING….a Pushball tournament!! How fun is that! If you want to sign up for it, the entry form is here.

Tip: Admission is $3 for adults

location: Baldwinsville Village Square (Behind Keybank, and the Diner)

250. Oktoberfest 5k

Back in the spring a lot of 5ks, 10ks and challenging runs were listed as things to do, they sort of died down in the summer with the exception of the Boilermaker.  However, the long hot days of summer are coming to a close and that means that the briskness of the fall is at our doorsteps, and we should all take advantage of being outside in still-tolerable weather.

The cultures and heritage around Syracuse is profound. There are people from all over, and the community embraces their traditions with open arms. Oktoberfest is always fun, and it’s even more fun when you’ve got something to work towards!


This 5k is unique, it’s an evening run! I love running at night, there’s no glarring sun, no red faces, the air is cooler, it’s all around a little bit better.

Registration is here, until 9/13 and only $15! The actual race is September 15th at 5pm. I say do it, and if you don’t decide to run the scenic 5k through Baldwinsville you can at least go to cheer on the runners who are going to bust their butts to enjoy one last beer before the official close of summer!

Tip: With your registration you get free admission to the Oktoberfest event earlier that day (more to follow!)

location: Baldwinsville

249. Golden Harvest Festival

I know I sound like a broken record here when I continue to say “it’s after labor day, and summer is over…”

But guys, summer is basically over. Not only are we all back at school again, and when I woke up it was probably 40 degrees outside…was that snow??! (just kidding).

I digress.

golden harvest festival

The Golden Harvest Festival is really awesome.  It’s lots of live music, activities, eating, and more. It’s held at Beaver Lake Nature Center Saturday & Sunday, September 7 & 8, and you’ll have a chance to go canoeing one last time, partake in a pie eating contest (!!!!), enjoy a scavenger hunt through the woods, listen to some live music (Los Blancos is playing there!)

It’s going to be an action packed weekend, and you won’t want to miss it!

Tip: It’s $5 for adults and $1 for Children (6-17)

Location: Beaver Lake Nature Center, 8477 East Mud Lake Road
There will be free parking on site and at the River Mall with continuous shuttles back and forth

197. Baldwinsville Farmers Market


There’s a farmer’s market almost every day of the week here in Syracuse, whether you’re headed out to Marcellus, downtown or the Regional Market, you’ve got a lot of options…

There’s a lot of really awesome things to pick up at Farmers Markets…and for cheap too!

The B’ville Farmers Market is awesome. It’s on a tiny patch of land in the center of town, vendors come and set up their tables, they’ve got local produce from all over, jewelry, food trucks, bbq, you name it!

Parking is free, it’s right behind the B’ville Diner…

It’s every Wednesday from 3-6:30pm (roughly) through October. Stop in, meet the local farmers at their tables, play some games set up in the center of the park, browse the candles, trinkets, wines, and enjoy dinner at some of the various tables and trucks set up.

Tip: There’s tons of stuff all around, but my suggestion…look for the Thousand Island Winery table, they’ve got some great wines!

location: Baldwinsville Village Square (right behind the B’ville Diner)

185. Islandfest

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

american flag

This is my favorite holiday! I love the 4th…it is not only just a celebration of our great country and the freedom we’ve got, but it’s also a great chance to watch some great fireworks, find some live music, watch a baseball game, drink some beers, and most importantly spend it with friends and family!

I’m a bit partial to the fireworks that take place in Baldwinsville…which is why they’re featured today…but not only that, I think it’s always really important to highlight one of the greatest bands in history when given the opportunity.

That’s the Beatles.

Islandfest in Baldwinsville is one of the top events that small town puts on every year. This year they’ve got a top notch Beatles cover band, Beatlemania.beatlemania

Islandfest is hosted on Papermill Island right in the heart of downtown Baldwinsville. There’s tons of places you can go to for dinner, if you don’t plan on hosting your own bbq and then shimmy on over to the island for some live music and fireworks.

papermill island

Every year, B’ville puts on a spectacular fireworks show…it’s definitely worth the trek (if you think Baldwinsville is out in the middle of nowhere) and the $7 admission fee to watch from the island.

Fireworks start at 10pm, immediately following the Beatlemania show which starts at 6pm.


If you can’t make it to the Island, pop on over to SyracuseGuru’s website, he’s highlighted all of the top places to watch various firework shows.

Tip: Don’t feel like watching from the Island? Check out Mercer Park…free admission for all the fireworks and it’s a front row seat! Bring some chairs and a cooler (no alcohol allowed) and enjoy the night!

172. Papermill Island Summer Concert Series

So many music fests and series this summer, so little time!

From the Longbranch Jam, to Wednesday’s on Walton and more we have more than enough live music specials to satisfy our weekly needs!

This is so exciting! I love summer!

Papermill Island located in Baldwinsville at lock 24, it was redeveloped a few years ago and has been making strides to bring in big names to the small town. They’ve had Rusted Root perform (they’ll be at Longbranch Jam this weekend!) and even Bright Eyes.

papermill island

Tuesday’s in B’ville are the place to be with live performances from local acts!

July 9th Primetime July 16th: Custom Taylor Band
July 23rd: Joe Whiting
July 30th: Dan Elliot & The Monteray’s
August 6: After FX
August 13: Family Movie Night

These are all free to the public & guaranteed to be a really fun time! Concerts start at 6:30pm. Parking is available on the surrounding streets and in the parking lot behind the B’ville Diner building.

Tip: Bring your own lawn chairs for concerts at Paper Mill Island

location: Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville